PS4: Community Questions and Troubleshooting Hub

Feb 11, 2008
South Carolina
Credit to Lethal_NFS for suggesting this thread, and Black for bringing up a question about sticky threads.

Each thread listed is clickable to redirect to the thread of your choice/needs. If you have any questions about a thread, feel free to post it here. If you have questions about the topic contained in a thread you see, please post it in the corresponding thread.

For example:

Q: Can you link to a thread that talks about media options for the PS4?
A: Sure, do you have a thread in mind? If you don't have a specific thread, I'm sure I'll find something that meets the category and will get it linked in here.

Q: When changing the hdd in the PS4, what if I have screws left over?
A: Please post this question in the appropriate thread linked in the OP.

Now onto the linking!!

Ask your PS4 questions here!
This thread covers any facet of the Playstation 4 hardware, OS features, peripheral questions, and more...

Playstation 4 HDD Installation Guide
This is a thread that specifically covers the installation of a hard drive for the Playstation 4.

Installing updated Playstation 4 firmware on the new hard drive

Having installed a new hard drive, you need some updated firmware for it!! This is the go to place!

Playstation 4 F.A.Q.
This thread lists a lot of information regarding questions that are frequently asked about the release dates and locations, features, launch titles, and accessories.

PS4: Troubleshooting Guide - error codes included
Having problems with the PS4? See an error code instead of a PS Store? Pulling your hair out? Check this thread out.
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