PS4 friend menu is messed up

May 16, 2020
Whenever I click on one of my friends names thier whole profile menu is messed up. everything is all over the place and restarting my PS4 or even letting it cool off hasn't worked. The weirdest thing is this is the only interface that I know of that is messed up 😕. If you have a answer please let me know what to do! P.s I can't figure out how to attach a image may someone please let me know how to do that so I can show yall what is happening


The Last of Us
Staff member
Dec 16, 2006
That's an odd one. I cannot think what maybe causing that. I assume you've done a full power done, disconnected power, leave for 20 seconds, and start up again. I don't think it's likely to resolve your issue, but you could try it (yes, I know...I've basically just said 'turn it off and on again' )