PS4 games playable on PS5 ?


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Jul 26, 2020
Hello, I own a PS4 Slim and today I bought a Samsung 55Q80T 4k TV. I understand that PS4 Slim does not support 4k, so I want to change it with a PS4 Pro or wait a little longer and buy my PS5 in November. I have 3 digital games bought and installed (Pes2020, GTA5, WOT) the rest of the games, around 100 games, are only bought, but not installed. My questions are:

1. If instead of PS4 Slim I buy PS4 Pro, and on PS4 Pro I log in with the same PS account:
a) do I find my games, or do I have to buy them again?
b) Do I find my progress online in each of those 3 games? (For example at Pes 2020 I have the team I built in the last year, at WOT I have several tanks that I bought in about 4 years, about the same at GTA)

2. If in 5 months I buy my PS5:
a) can I play the 3 games I bought on PS4 Slim? And if so, will they be at 4k resolution?
b) if question a) is affirmative, will the progress of the 3 games from PS4 to PS5 be kept?


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Dec 16, 2006
1 a) You will have to download them again, but not buy them (remember to set your new PS4 to be the Primary)
1 b) If you are a PS+ subscriber then your save games will be on the cloud and you can continue from where you left of, otherwise you'll need to copy them over
2 a) Yes, and yes
2 b) Don't know, but I very much expect yes if the saves are on the cloud (i.e. you are a PS+ subscriber)