[PS4] Thief

Dec 1, 2014
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Going into the review I bet that you have already heard about the PS4 reboot, or the three PC games from 10+ years ago, so I'll just get right to my review.

Gameplay -

I played the demo for Thief and had to get the game because of the bad-ass stealth gameplay, I was hooked. I loved how you had the choice of how you wanted to handle combat; use stealth and sneak right past enemies, silently assassinate them, or attack them head on. I loved to silently assassinate my enemies one by one while not alerting the others to my presence. The many reactions of the AI was priceless. "Hmm ... wha? A body, a body everyone!"

The different uses for the bow were awesome as well. See a flaming torch or fire, no problem, use your water arrow. An armored baddie, use the armor piecing arrow .... a helmetless guard, toss a glass bottle on his head. I died laughing when I shot an enemy in the throat and he would make a gargle/choking sound. For the most part I thought the AI (enemies and civillians) was tolerable/smart.

It was these elements that made the game really addictive. My only complaint gameplay wise was that there was almost not enough gameplay action that requiired you to plan a strategy to move through an enemy infested area. I guess that just warrants another playthrough.


Story -

The story is where this gem really fell apart. The story started out really solid, but it started to fall apart 4th chapter. Things just seemed to happen for no reason. At a few points it almost felt I skipped a chapter. I just learned to go with it and enjoy it, rather than nitpicking at the pieces that made no sense. Looking at it that way the story sort of made sense.


Overall Score - 8/10

This game is definately worth a playthrough for PS4 players. I thoroughly enjoyed the game despite its flaws.

I've read alot of negative critisism over this game and wonder what you guys think?
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Dec 30, 2007
Thanks for the review! Glad to see new blood! I got pretty far in Thief myself, but yeah, the story was pretty weak I felt. It didn't matter much to me, it was more about how I approached each mission. I found the gameplay to be very solid and fun. I generally approached each mission by trying to kill nobody and only use equipment when necessary. I loved the feeling of entering a place, looting it, stealing from guards and them never seeing me or knowing I was there.

I agree that the bow and its uses were awesome. I found the AI to be fine, they were what they needed to be.