Psp SensMe and Media Go Questions?

Nov 25, 2008
I just updated my psp and got the SensMe feature and just have a couple of questions on how this works and stuff

Do any of yall know how long it take to analyze lets say 100 songs?

Also is there like a button I have to press to analyze or does it just do it automatically?

thanks! and i apprieciate the help


Dedicated Member
May 7, 2008
I tried Media Go and once it has added all your media to the library, it should analyse your music automatically which you can then transfer to your PSP.

I did it with about 50 songs and it took a while, but I kept trying different things in Media Go and I might have slowed/stopped it doing its thing. Best bet is to let it do what it wants. You should see a heart type thing beating next to the library and once its done it will not be there.

Hope that helped.