PSU Anonymous Confessions Thread


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Mar 2, 2008
Saw this on another site, thought I'd give it a go here.

Send your confessions to [email protected]. I will check it two or three times a week and post whatever's there in this thread. You can look for anonymous emailers if you so wish. There must be one. I won't post email addresses in here but if you don't want anything coming back to you, then take care protecting your identity. Confessions are up for discussion/debate in this thread.

The Rules
1. Don't make stuff up.
2. Don't admit to anything seriously illegal. You may get in trouble. Anonymity only goes so far.
3. None of this "Then a couple of guys who were up to no good..." crap.
4. Don't make stuff up.
5. Remember the internet makes a good detective tool; don't put anything out there that you don't want public.
6. Anything emailed has the consent to be posted.
7. Don't post anything that would make PSU liable.
8. Be nice.
0. Don't make stuff up.

So, let's here your confessions.


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Feb 11, 2009
Ok on topic...

I think it would be fun if we could post are confessions here... Because an Anonymous type posting, can make us make things up for a laugh and for sick reasons...

Believe me i can make up some really sick and weird stuff for the sake off it...


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Nov 14, 2007
Geeeeeez. I deleted damn near all the posts because nobody can stay on topic. Lets give this thread a fresh start..


Master Sage
Mar 2, 2008
Much better, seeing a few emails in the inbox right now. These are all up for discussion if you so wish, just don't make it too personal and, if the confession is yours, try not to get too offended - not only will it upset you but you risk giving yourself away which defeats the purpose of this thread. So, anyway, the first few confessions.

Confession #1 said:
I have had sex a few times with my brother when we were younger.
A little (actually, a lot...) perverted but each to their own...

Confession #2 said:
OK, I snogged my friends boyfriend one night and I never told her. Me and him were chilling in his house, and we were sober and wanted to test out this and we did...
Are you still friends with this person? Are they still together?

Confession #3 said:
I hold myself responsible for the suicide of a young girl.
This one I actually find interesting. What makes you feel responsible for her suicide?


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Mar 2, 2008
Confession #3 Response said:
She was besotted with me. Completely and utterly besotted. But I was already with someone and this girl was younger than me anyway, much younger. She was 13, I was 18. It couldn't happen. Then one day my girlfriend woke up and told me she'd read the girl had killed herself. I was numb with shock.
That's horrible but you can't blame yourself for this. I highly doubt someone being with someone else would be enough on it's own to push a person to suicide. This girl was quite clearly troubled and probably had other things going on in her life that were getting her down. You can't hold yourself responsible for this as it will slowly destroy you. You couldn't of happened anyway, for legal reasons, I'm sure she was aware of this.