PSU: The PlayStation 4 is still the console to beat


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Nov 19, 2008
Columbia, MO
In mid-July, some friends and I will be participating in The Zombie Run. This 5K run is placed in an area that has been completely redesigned to replicate the desolate image of a zombie apocalypse, and those interested can participate as either a zombie or a human. As humans, my friends and I will be forced to abandon one another as we try to evade the flesh-eating interests of the hungry undead. Our team name? Microsoft.

Okay, our team name isn't Microsoft. But it should be: throughout the month of June, Microsoft has illustrated itself as disjointed and disoriented, one moment tirelessly defending DRM policies and the next revoking them completely. These are policies which might have actually worked well had MS held the line, but, while everyone is heralding the removal of 24-hour online verification and restrictive DRM policies and forecasting a much closer console war, I'm here to tell you that those reports are false. Leaving behind the month of June, the PlayStation 4 is in even better shape than it was exiting a Sony-praising E3.
Very interested in hearing everyone's thoughts, both in concurrence and disagreement.

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Jan 31, 2010
I think you're accurate. I think Sony is still ahead, and I agree I think after MS reversed their policies it made Sony even better. A bunch of :snickering had to be going towards a Corporation who tried to implement some ridiculous policies and then backtracked on em real quick. Now with that being said, as time clicks into the next gen, I think it will be closer than its being portrayed. The xbox one isn't just catering to gamers as the ps4 is, its catering to the whole entertainment industry. If it catches on, the xbox will outsale the ps4 as much as it pains me to say it. Read some posts by Sufi he can clear it up better than I can lol