Qello HD Concert App for PSVita


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Oct 26, 2006
In Miami, man <3
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Hey I did a quick search and found this app thats out for the PSVita. It was originally announced back in November for the PS3, but a date for the PSVita version was never stated. I browsed around the NA PSN store for updates today and found out that this was released with no major announcement. Figured some of you might get a kick out of checking out new music. This app basically lets you watch concerts and documentaries from tons of major artists. There's a subscription fee to get access to everything but you can browser around for free and theres some free trial codes on the internet as well.

I did a quick summary of it if any of you would like to check out my site.
(Not sure if self promotion is allowed or not :neutral: )

Either way for some reason it isn't listed in the app section of the store, so you have to use the search bar to find it.