Question for you other guys that pre ordered bf4 from amazon problem with code


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May 24, 2005
long island ny
Hello,I have a question for u guys that pre ordered bf4 form amazon .about the code they send me for more Xp .points and knifes.
The code they gave me was not right it was longer then 12 letters and numbers any go u get this problem
Mar 11, 2006
Thanks for reminding me about this. Had it and forgot it. This is a screwy EA code. You have to have a PC Origin account first. Then you don't even log in to Origin. The email from Amazon has a website address. You log on there with your Origin account. That code is a PC code, not a PS4 code. Follow the instructions, enter the PC code, then if it is accepted, a new page will pop up with a PS4 code to enter into the PS store.
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