Raw Blues: The Series


Feb 24, 2013

What is Raw Blues? Raw Blues is a new web TV series showcasing current blues music and their bands. however a better way to explain it is a word from its creator:

I have always been a big fan of the blues, yet it can be hard to find new artists to listen to as it doesn't get the spotlight that other genres get anymore. So that's why I made this show; to create a platform to showcase the many great blues artists out there today who are creating new, original, blues music and are playing night after night at venues all over the country keeping the blues alive.
We're taking the best Blues artists around and giving you a chance to experience their music and get to know who they are.
I hope you'll enjoy discovering these bands as much as I have working with them.
-Liam J. Holland
(Director & Producer "Raw Blues: The Series")


So, like, share and lettuce discuss!!

4:27, The "Micheal Powers Frequency" band, Dem blues... currenty fighting with my iTunes account so i can buy some music from em, for a £15 voucher to use and i cant get onto my account!!

Also Bob Lanza, is it just me or does he remind anyone of Hank from BreakingBad? Damned good blues that man!

Realy looking forwards to future episodes, want me some more Raw Blues!