Real-Time Ray Traced Reflections - Achieved With CRYENGINE


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Oct 8, 2007

Hardware and API agnostic.

In a similar way to how the Crytek introduced screen space ambient occlusion, we may actually see this in use in next-gen titles.

As opposed to RTX, which is probably more in-line with "traditional" ray-tracing, Cretek say they use mesh ray-tracing. No idea how it's implemented, but just as a point of reference, PS4 already has a title which makes use of Ray Tracing, but using cascaded voxel cone tracing. So it could be an implementation that is optimised for gaming applications.


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Mar 27, 2006
This is the kind of graphics technology I've been wanting to see in modern games. I still remember playing Bully on the PS2 and seeing the player character and environment reflected in the bathroom sink mirrors with the drawback being the mirrored image reflected at a lower resolution. What Crytek is doing reminds me of the same thing but with a clearer resolution and the type of current-gen lighting and textures you would expect in a AAA title.

I'd like to see how it runs with people populating the streets. It's one thing to reflect a stationary background but another when you introduce moving people, cars, explosions etc.

Combine this with Neutral Lighting being used more and I'll be impressed.
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