Resident Evil 2 Claire gameplay, screenshots



This game is going to be freaking amazing. I can't wait. Day one, for sure.
I still remeber playing res evil for the first time.

For the longest time i would see the game on the shelf, look at the back and put it fown. Not interested.

Then one day my mate brought it, and hated it. He could not figure it out. So i had a go. Loved it. The slow paced horror, the combate. The puzzles. I was in love. Little did i know an Australuan Huntsman Spider was sitting above my head giving birth to some 300 babies. Truely terrifying.

I got all the way to unlocking the door to the courtyard and thought i had completed the game. I was wrong and happy to be so.

He gave me that game for what ever trash i picked up that day. And since then i have been a fan. Until res evil 4... i thought that broke the gane, good as it was it was not resident evil.