Robotic numbskulls on various maps


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Feb 22, 2009
What trends do you see on certain maps that just make you facepalm?

Every game on Salamun Market, there's someone who will go back time & time again to the Wasp launcher to spray rockets across the map. It doesn't matter how many times you kill them sometimes. They still go back, it's the only way for them. I chose sniper for a match on here the other day, some chap called "Dean_Harvey" went back 18 times in a row to use the Wasp. Sniped him every single time, it's surely a blind chav who thinks he's on *some other FPS*. Eighteen times! God almighty.

Turbine Concourse, the amount of folk relying on jetpacks is laughable. Back to them, time & time again. Shoot them down, straight back to it. Shoot them down again, straight back to it. Same goes for when it's your team-mate. Off they go over the edge of the high walkway, drop down, get shot, spawn, do it again. All match.

Also, on Corinth Highway. This is something I can't always counter as the range of the machine gun on it is in my opinion over-powered. Idiots only using the Exo, especially on the west side of the map when facing the mansion. Last night some pre-pubescent lad called "Synthetic_Desire" was literally jumping all over the map for the entire Warzone match spraying everywhere, killing my team from afar over & over. Dodging mortar strikes, launchers, Wasps with nothing but luck. I shot him out of his seat 5 times but he finished 72-10 with 11,000 points before the bonus.

The only sweet point in this is that he stayed in his Exo at 3-3 when in the final round he needed to plant the bomb with his team. He was the only team member near the base who wasn't getting taken out en route and he let his side down and missed out on at least 5,500 bonus as no-one planted and we took it 4-3.

I went on to roar down the mic. I had to. I don't even use it often.


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Oct 30, 2006
I love people who go to the turrets over and over again. Theres nothing better than easy kills when using the marksman.


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Feb 22, 2009
Had 4 Warzone matches in a row on Salamun Market earlier, some cabbage-brained enemy called LORDI22 showed amazing variety.

Killed him over 70 times in total - he was always at a Wasp turret. He did get me a few times in return, I'll give him that - his rockets got a small hole in the wall I was picking him off from a portion of the time. He was terrible. Though he won one of the matches as he got 4 members of my team at once 4 times in around 2 minutes with the Wasp rockets when they were capturing the zone on the bridge in C&H.

It's just perplexing when you're taking the same guy out doing the same thing all the time. I tried mixing it up a bit.
- Shooting him directly
- Shooting the turret causing a fatal injury when it exploded
- Shooting the turret whilst he was approaching it
- Shooting the turret whilst he was fixing it

But even this got a little tiring and I turned the game off after. It's not like I was out to solely focus on him. For example, last match, I delivered the speaker twice, shot the assassination target and successfully planted both bombs which detonated. Finished 3rd on my side and 19 of my 30-odd kills were him. Why do people fail to see the variety of measures they can take? Does too much time on COD kill off intuition in the mind? Bahhh


Feb 12, 2007
Agreed. Some people just wait at the jetpack dispenser until a new one comes out, I noticed one waiting for one when I ran out to defend a target, got there, traded gunfire for 1 minute and got 5 kills, got killed eventually then respawned. Noticed the same guy still waiting there.. lol
I do use the jetpack in the match at times, usually to start off as the Tactician to capture the high spawn area in the turbine map. The turrets are only useful in certain bits. I used it when we had to defend the bombsite as helgasts. Got 15 odd kills before they caught onto me.


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Apr 23, 2007
What annoys me is when you're in a team with no tactitions and you have no tactical spawn points and say the round is plant the bomb and then they scream abuse down the mic for not being able to get to the objective because its too far. But thats a rarity because alot of people treat warzone as a deathmatch.

One match I was in had 2-3 snipers crouching inside their own base, punching eachother. Now I got killed alot and they were still there each time I returned....