Rumor: Battlefield 4 to run at 1080p


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Jul 31, 2013
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EA DICE never officially confirmed the resolution of the next generation console versions of Battlefield 4, and admitted that demos shown at multiple events ran at sub-1080p resolutions on both PS4 and Xbox One.

Today, while checking the preorder options available on the PSN/Sony Entertainment Network, I noticed something very interesting: as you can see from the screencaps below (showing both the web version of the SEN store and the actual PlayStation Store on PS3), the description of the game claims twice that the video output of the game is 1080p.

That’s a pretty specific statement, not present in a few other listed games, and it could imply that whatever hurdle there was to run the game in 1080p on Sony’s upcoming console, it may have been overcome.

Of course there’s always the possibility of a mistake or that the game doesn’t run at 1080p natively but just the output is upscaled to 1080p, so I’ll chalk this as a rumor until we receive further confirmation, and you should take it with a rather sizable grain of salt as well.

To be fair, the page also shows some inaccuracies, like “DualShock 3″ as a peripheral and “1-24 players” (while the game allows up to 64). That part seems to be copied and pasted straight from the PS3 version, but that one does not include the “1080p” mention in the description.

As a term of comparison, the Xbox One version of the game available for preorder on Xbox Live doesn’t make any mention of resolution, 1080p or otherwise.

We reached out to Electronic Arts for further information, and we’ll keep you updated if anything relevant surfaces. In the meanwhile you can check a simulation showing the differences between 720p, 900p and 1080p in this post.

Holy smokes. If this does end up being 1080p @ 60fps, that's going to be huge.
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Nov 18, 2007
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There is an option in the PC version called "resolution scale" in which the out put is 1080p (or whatever your is) bu the gme can be rendered in less than the output resolution.

DICE could be using that option maybe, its probably built into the engine?

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't the PS4 have a scaler chip? So, it would make sense for every game to be shown on the PSN as being 1080p.. Unless, there aren't? I haven't been on the PSN recently, are they listing games as being 720p?
Mar 11, 2009
I put a lot of hours into battlefield and I'm more concern with the online running smoother and decreasing all the glitches for your cheaters to exploit. On Bf3 the knife was broken, they gave medics to long on a revive period so u had a bunch of bunny hoppers reviving a whole squad. The list goes on with battlefield. An for my expectations for the game the last thing I'm concern with is rather or not it's running at 1080p.