Rumor: SCE Bend Working On Syphon Filter Vita - OPM UK Nov 2011


Master Guru
Jun 30, 2006
The latest issue of Playstation Official Magazine UK is now available everywhere, with the November 2011 edition sneakily hinting that Uncharted: Golden Abyss developer SCE Bend is secretly hard at work on a new iteration in the Syphon Filter franchise.

The unannounced third-person shooting title is rumored to be in development for the Playstation Vita and is scheduled for a release in sometime in 2012 – players can expect Syphon Filter Vita to take full advantage of the impressive handheld’s horsepower, providing beautifully vivid, PS3-like visuals along with a uniquely innovative control scheme.

The ambitious project is described as ”hush hush” and falls in line with previous rumors pertaining to a new title in the long-running series – another rumor currently doing the rounds is that a full-blown sequel to Syphon Filter 3 is currently in development over at SCE London Studio, with the highly anticipated title gearing up for a PS3 release in Winter 2012.

Avid fans of Gabe Logan have been clambering for news regarding a new entry in the franchise for quite some time now and the possibility of a brand new Syphon Filter title is too exciting to ignore. Hopefully the guys over at OPM UK know something we don’t! Check out the full rumor below and in the November 2011 edition of Playstation Official Magazine UK.

”SCE Bend is currently hard at work on Uncharted: Golden Abyss, but its hush-hush Vita project is a return to Syphon Filter.”