Saw a review on Terminator Salvation and had to challenge the bad rating and try it for myself and this happened.


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Mar 31, 2021
So yeah I and my wife are really big Terminator fans. She owns the box set for the entire series which I thought was long winded to be honest and I am a fan of the movie franchise. So I purchased the game on a eBay auction that even came with Unchartered 3 which I will be experiencing for the first time as a gamer. Thank you Sony for listening when we said that some of us worked so long that the industry leaped over some. This isolation thing has given me enough time to really enjoy my PS3 I wonder how many of you out there feel similar. Hey my PS3 keeps me out of trouble when I have free time to myself and my VITA too so just saying thank goodness. Any who so yeah I decided to play the game on the hardest setting cause if it was that poorly rated maybe I can force some fun out of the dang game. So to my surprise the game was not just difficult it was maddening. I have played some game scenes that have become like the last scene in Doctor Strange just riddled with death. John Connor is not just unsafe but the computer is downright playing like its life depended on killing John. In 90% of my play through no matter how hard I try John dies. I am curious how many players can complete Terminator Salvation on hard without one single death. Can John survive if played by a master terminator killer. Curious but my spin has been holy cow this game is much more involved now that its super hard to complete making this game not just good but great. Dial up your handicap people and let the game show you what it can do. From one gamer to another this is GoliathMV with some vital information for your everyday life. ALL THAT!!