Seth Rogen Gets Tough in 'The Green Hornet'


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Aug 27, 2006
An actor known solely for comedic roles gets cast in the lead role of a classic superhero in a big-budget movie. When word gets out, the hardcore fans react badly, rejecting the funnyman who doesn't fit in with the image of the character they grew up watching. That is, until they see him in action, and they completely change their minds.

It happened once before in the late '80s when Michael Keaton was cast in Tim Burton's "Batman." Up until then, Keaton was known as the crazy guy in comedies like "Night Shift" and "Beetlejuice." But when he put on the Batsuit, he showed a completely different side of himself and won over the longtime fans of Caped Crusader.

Now, another comedian is getting a shot at becoming a masked avenger. Seth Rogen is playing the title role in next January's movie version of "The Green Hornet." Will he be able to win over the doubters like Keaton did? Watch the first trailer to see him in action, then keep reading to learn why Rogen says he's the right guy for the role.
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This is reminiscent of the Starksy and Hutch remake that came out years ago while it was funny it really wasn't want people remembered from the show.
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