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Shin Asura

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Aug 23, 2006
Working out with Juri
Hey guys, been awhile. Don't think anyone I hung out with is still around, it happens. I've been really busy with school, work and my YouTube game channel I started with a few friends. I guess it's my way of sharing what games I like with the world.

Anyway feel free to check it out and if there's anyone that remembers me, what's up.

Thanks and hope you like it

On a site note the 2 disc Bloodborne soundtrack from Japan is pretty sick

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Miyabi Gaming channel / 日本 gaming Refined pride ourselves in playing some of the latest and greatest Japanese games and sharing in the fun with all of you by providing exciting gameplay.

We were founded on the premise that just playing games by ourselves isn't always fun, it's great to involve as many people as possible who share a common interest in Japanese games.

► We provide content for people who like Japanese games

► Some of our games will be from Japan, others will be localized by publishers

► We try to provide both the English and Japanese name for the games we cover

► All videos are high definition, 720p or 1080p
➜ Newer games that support 60fps will be recorded in 60fps otherwise 30fps

► We play games for fun, it's not about being competitive

► We don't provide commentary in our videos

Thanks for your time

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