SIXAXIS controls: pressing questions and thoughts

Sep 5, 2006
I think now is a better time than any to ask this. What do we all think of how the SIXAXIS has been implemented thus far? Not just in one particular game, in all of them in general.

Do you all feel that developers are utilizing the motion controls well, or not?

Should the motion controls be scrapped altogether, or should they stay in hopes of improvement and innovation?

Most importantly, are you satisfied with how they've been implemented and will reportedly be?

Share some thoughts on what you like and what you'd like to see here.

What I've liked:

  • Resistance for shaking off fire. Although it doesn't happen too often, I like this implementation. It adds to the twitchy, frantic nature of the game, and of course I've found it hilarious seeing my friends flail about when on fire.:lol:
  • NBA 2K7 for free throws. It's almost scary how natural this feels. A bit of a learning curve, but in all honesty, and I'm dead serious about this, but I really can't use the analog stick to shoot anymore.:confused: Somehow my skill in that diminished, but the motion control for this is just ace.
  • Warhawk for flight control. Again, feels very natural, although it needed some tweaking. It frees up the left stick for some invaluable maneuvers, and feels very intuitive once you get it down.
  • Folklore Another one that takes getting used to, but I believe that this one is a bit more creative than people give it credit for. I often see it dismissed as a cheap implementation, but I don't see it that way. IMO, it actually feels like you are tugging on those ids when you execute, and that helps with immersion. Keeps me more alert as well.
  • Motorstorm to be honest I'm a bit up in the air about this one:-|, but only because my extent of my use was with the demo, so I don't know if sensitivity can be tweaked in the final version or not. If so, then that's good, because it was responsive, just entirely too sensitive.
What I've disliked

  • NBA '07 - Sorry, but the way they use this for dribbling completely sucks. It's not sensitive enough, and ironically, I feel that if it was anymore sensitive, the slightest motion would throw you into a maneuver that you didn't want to execute, which would make me :pissed:. I could see this being used for shooting jumpshots, or even in the triple threat, but for fails miserably.
  • APF 2K8 - I like the idea, hate the execution. The thought of using it to vault over the line is brilliant. Problem is, it's way too sensitive, or perhaps buggy, because I honestly don't know which one. Too many times I've been mashing X for a speed boost only to watch my back hop over nothing, which of course brings my play to a screeching halt:cuss. This is with sensitivity turned down to as low as 3, mind you. Again, doubt it's the controllers fault, I'm blaming this on programming, but still...bad is bad...
  • Heavenly Sword - Using this to jump BLOWS. I'm 99% sure though, that like APF, it's related to the programming and not the controls themselves. Anyone who's spent a decent amount of time with the demo knows that it doesn't have the wide margin of buffers as other games. Each attack usually has to be timed with the current animation to continue a combo. Jumping seems to work the same way, and even when you do get's so stiff and canned that it's difficult to enjoy. Travesty for such a beautiful game. Using it to throw things is good though.
That's about the extent of my experience with the bad. I've heard enough horror stories about Lair, but I won't use them because I'm strictly speaking from my experiences, and I would encourage every one else to do so as well.

What I'd like to see::idea:

  • For a skateboarding game, the SIXAXIS could be used for ollies. Nothing more, nothing less. Tilt the controller down to lower yourself, and pop it up to execute. Simple. Doing tricks would be even better. Time a kick flip with your ollie by flicking the right stick up and the the right, heelflip up and to the left, etc. etc. We're moving in the "total stick control" direction, and I don't see why it can't work with motion controls. I think it would feel better than simply hitting X and square for tricks and whatnot. A simple implementation, but often times, certain buttons are used only once, or not at all. I don't think devs need to put too much emphasis on it, because I believe that too much of one thing is good for nothing, and it could backfire in that case.
  • Like I said earlier for a basketball game, it could be used for shooting jumpers. I think this could fit right into 2K, because many people complain about the shot stick because they would rather have the right stick freed up for crossovers. I disagree with that, but this is one potential solution/alternative. Same with freethrows, tilt the controller back, and then flick it forward. Simple.
  • For action games, it could be used for jumping. I know I harped on HS for that a bit earlier, but like I said, it was a poor implementation. If it were responsive, I think the SIXAXIS could work as a dedicated jump. Simply flick it up and tilt it back and there you go. It could instead be used for evasive rolls as well, which would free up the right stick for several action titles. Tilt left-roll left, tilt right- roll right, tilt back-roll back, so on and so forth.
  • In a boxing game, for a first person or over the shoulder mode, I could see it used for raising your guard. Tilt back to protect your face, tilt down to protect your body.
  • For shooters, first or third person, it could be utilized for leaning and evasive maneuvers. I think it would make cover much more dynamic since you could actively lean around anything, not just what the game designates as cover. You wanna lean around an ally, go ahead. Lean for the Hell of it? Be my guest.:rolleyes: With crouching and prone positions, tilting it up and back would have your character heighten their profile, while still laying low so you could shoot over low cover, and just tilt it back until it's level to get back down. For dodges/rolls, hold a shoulder button or something to that effect, and do the same as the action game example. tilt left-roll left, etc. How about turning the controller to present your side to your opponent? The penalty would be a less steady and accurate shot, but there would be less of your body for them to hit.
That's all I've got for now, but that's just some quick brainstorming. I like what's on the horizon though, and Uncharted seems to be a step(albeit a small one) in the right direction. Ultimately, I think it's been implemented pretty well and should stay. Thoughts?
Aug 24, 2007
Yeah i definately think it should stay.
Its another edge that the PS3 has over the 360, but it would be better to see more games using SIXAXIS.
The only loss is Dual-Shock vibration, but without it the controllers are much lighter.

Dec 3, 2005
When I used the Wiimote for the first time, I quickly got the impression that games used it just because they could. Same with the SIXAXIS. Very little innovative use of the feature so far, but there is hope...just.
Jun 28, 2007
They need to widen the possibilites on sixaxis, possibly a whole game devoted to it, they need to do something massive with it, forget about trying to push one or two things into a game with it.

Warhawk and Blazing Angels have used it very well.


Ultimate Veteran
Oct 26, 2006
I love the way warhawk and resistance use it, but it still feels tacky to me. Resistance is great, cathing fire, and just madly shaking the controller about to put the fire out.

I think Uncharted and Ratchet and Clank should use it pretty well, theyre quite innovative ideas for the sixaxis (the tornado launcher in ratchet and clank is the best idea yet for it i think).
Sep 5, 2006
[QUOTE="Helvian, post: 0]Yeah i definately think it should stay.
Its another edge that the PS3 has over the 360, but it would be better to see more games using SIXAXIS.
The only loss is Dual-Shock vibration, but without it the controllers are much lighter.[/QUOTE]
Well...the 360 having it or not having it is of no consequence to the experience, you know? Rumble will come back...I don't miss it, but it will work out for everyone, because I'll just turn it off.