Skyrim VR

Feb 16, 2007
I never bought it, so I won't be buying "again" I'll just be buying it. However, it would be nice if there were an upgrade for those who already own it. It's not just VR that's been exploitative in this way, though. The game industry is built around reselling the same things over and over. It's why they did away with backward compatibility.

But I am excited for this. Once I've paid off my move to my new job and can start paying my loans properly again, and my credit card is all paid off, I'll get this one.

[QUOTE="Xraein, post: 6531025]Seriously!? -.-[/QUOTE]

Were you planning on contributing? This forum used to have a 5 word minimum. It was annoying, but I can see why people thought it was needed.
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