So Long CGW, Hello Games for Windows


GS kid

In a partnership Ziff Davis announced with Microsoft, Computer Gaming World will no longer be published and in its place comes a new magazine, slated to debut this fall, Games for Windows. The integration between Ziff Davis and Microsoft will extend to the 1UP Network in the form of a Games for Windows website.

What's going to happen to Jeff Green and the CGW team? Those merry pranksters aren't going anywhere, in fact, they'll be heading up Games for Windows, so Jeff Green fans and CGW Podcast listeners, don't despair -- that same team is going be covering the PC industry in Games for Windows.

CGW Editor-in-Chief Jeff Green spoke with Firing Squad about the change and also posted on the 1UP message boards to clarify the magazine's position for concerned readers.

Hi everyone,
I am just returning from a business conference, so I don't have too much time this very second, but I promise I will be back later to answer questions. And I'll probably also blog about it later to attempt to tell a more complete story.

The bottom line, however, is that this is a GOOD thing. We will all miss the "CGW" name, for sure. I've been with the mag for 9 years, and have been a reader for about 20. So I know how significant this is. But you need to understand most of all that we are going to be the same staff, writing the same articles, with the same point of view. All your favorites will still be there, like Tom V. Bruce. Microsoft has NO say over our editorial content, and, in fact, it's part of the legally binding contract that they not interfere. So it's not even just a gentleman's agreement -- it's a legal reality.

But the proof will be in the pudding, as someone's grandma once said. You'll see, when you pick it up, that it's still us, that we have the same tone, the same attitude, the same writing style. So as significant as this may seem, once the initial shock wears off, I'm hoping you'll see this as not a bad thing. Microsoft is seriously upping their commitment to PC gaming. That's a good thing. And do I mind being a part of that? I do not. Not at all. And when they fuck up, we're gonna be right there, calling them on it. I promise.

Well....this should go a long way into quelling the cries from Sony fans that 1up is in Microsoft's pocket! :lol:

Seriously though.... since the majority of computer games are on the Windows platform, this comes as no shock. Should be interesting to see what changes will be made to the look of the magazine.