Soldier 95B: permanant ban

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Aug 12, 2009
Soldier 95B,

the feedback that has been received regarding your conduct and general behaviour at this site has been overwhelmingly negative for a long time.

You have a style of engagement with the forums that doesn’t break any of the rules directly but is nonetheless clearly a calculated attempt to irk the PlayStation community. If you aren’t making underhanded jabs while hiding behind the dual console loving bravado, you’re resorting to “lol” and funny gifs/memes when asked to provide evidence to support your flamebait statements.

Posting in the forums with the intention of causing contention shows a lack of true appreciation and respect for the site and the community. It’s like littering your own home with garbage and mess--anyone who considers PSU their home doesn’t come here with the goal of stirring up members. It has also come to my attention just how diligent you have been at this over the years and I'm confident in saying you have exhausted your pool of second chances.

Steven, the site’s GM, has been working to build a team of passionate people to drive the site forward with the release of PlayStation 4. He has an awesome team in place and we are in a really strong position to do really well next gen. While the forums suffer the concocted contention stirred by a few individuals on both sides, a disjustice is done to the efforts of the content team and I’m not letting this go on leading into next gen.

If you had cared to change, it would have happened a LONG time a go but you haven’t and so in the interest of the community's health and in light of a more illuminated understanding of your history here, PSU bids you farewell.

Not open for further replies.