Something happening between Squares key staff and Wada?

Mael Duin

Elite Sage
Sep 12, 2005

Since FFXIII's multiplatform announcement, various comments made by FFXIII producer Yoshinori Kitase and FFvXIII director Tetsuya Nomura have hinted at rising tensions between key SquareEnix staff and their company president Yoichi Wada. In this Famitsu article where game developers review other company's games, Kitase-san takes a slightly less subtle jab at his boss Wada-san in a review of PSN game Last Guy.

Kitase states (translated from Japanese):
"I'd love for them to add a stage map more close to the SquareEnix office. In The Last Guy, there's a feature where if you save the hidden "VIP" citizens you get more points. So gamers could get fired up if there was a mission "Save the VIP President WD![Wada]"... to save this man in our company who is getting criticized. But it might be even more interesting if people were like "I hate this high class VIP Mr.*blank* so I'm going to just watch him die!" (laughter) Could they put that in the game as a 300 yen add on?"
So what do you guys think? To be honest I'm not that surprised if there really is something bad happening in Square. Especially what Square has become (no, I dont mean going multiplatform. I mean by quality and other things).
Jan 24, 2007
I'm not sure but it could be that The FF13 Team never wanted to go multiplatform, but greed got the Wada dude to make it happen, I also have a feeling the The FF team might leave after these games are done and if they do Sony should snatch them up quick cause they need an RPG studio to have a complete set of developer that make every genre that exists out there.