Star Wars Battlefront Universe

Oct 5, 2015
Just wanted to give a shout to the PlayStation 4 community on

We have created a community on PlayStation 4 called,

Star Wars Battlefront Universe

Our growing community is looking for you to join us as we get set for the beta this coming Thursday October 8th. Our community is exclusive only to PlayStation 4 players only. We are continuing to grow as we speak and we looking to bring past and new players into the community.

If your looking for a squad or need friends for the beta or the actual game, Star Wars Battlefront Universe is the answer. This is for the players.

If your interested in joining the community please message me on PSN at,

PathogenicKiller or click on my profile and then communities to join. We hope to see you all soon!


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Nov 14, 2007
Kansas City
I am actually finding the communities fun on the PS4. Wonder if we should make a section dedicated to PS4 Communities?