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May 3, 2006
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So if youve seen it, post it here, please use spoiler tags guys.

So I went to the midnight session last night.

So heres my spoiler free review:

Being a movie completly free of the leagacy of the Skywalkers, its free to tell a more gritty story of the rebelion, this is by far the LEAST kid friendly Star Wars movie ever.

-It has some genuine laugh out loud funnny moment.
-The ediitng is a bit clunky at times, Im sure there is a three hour cut of this movie somehwere.
-The story is good, if not predictable at the end.
-It ties in to A new hope beautfully, I spent most of the movie wonder how it was going to not mess this up. Dont be like me, just enjoy the ride, it works.
-Right now, 8 hours after seeing the movie, Id rate is my third best star wars movie, they may change.


-If only they could get the human CGI charcatser looking better. Leia was aweful and Tarkin wa sbelivable at times but more often than note he looked odd.
-Oh god Vader rocks, he may not have been this movie very long but he delivers.
-EU content restored! Its always been said Vaders home was the lava planet, and now thats been confirmed.
-Mon Calamari storyline beautfully created, now we know why there is no Mon Cal in Star Wars and Empire, their fleet and commander were wiped out!
-Now we know why Vader is so adamanet they are part of the Reble Alliance and Leia a traitor!
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