Strangers who ask for money....


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Aug 28, 2019
so I was walking home with 2 of my female friends last night when I saw this guy walking down the street with a hoodie on. He had also 2 friends with him and I remember saying to my friend "Lets cross the road here, this guy looks like trouble and will probably ask for money."

Just as I was about to cross the road, he approached me and asked for 25 cents..... I knew this guy was up to something so I just said "No sorry." and walked away. If I gave him the 25 cents, he would probably be insulted and demand more. It sounds silly but I felt pretty initimidated in a way, you know? I thought he was gonna pull something out on me. And it didn't help that this occured at night.

I always walk with one eye behind my back and this is mostly because of an experience I had when I was younger. I met this guy at school who I was pretty cool with at first, and well... long story short, he threatened to pull a knife on me if I didn't give him my phone. It started with the usual "Hey, can I borrow your phone to call my mom?" deal. Ever since then, I found it hard to trust anyone I met. And this happened when I was 12.

But tonight just brought it all back. And how much of a coward I felt back then... I dunno. I like to think I'm tough but situations like this just bring me back down to earth. And it makes me feel like shit. You know?

Anyways... to keep this thread running, have you ever gave money to a stranger? What was their story, if they had one?
Dec 16, 2006
In your urinary tract
You're alive and uninjured - therefore don't feel like shit, but celebrate you successfully navigated your way through a tricky situation. Best outcome is the one you achieved!

Have I ever given money to a stranger (other than shop assistants of course) - no, I'm too confrontational in situations like that. I blame the military making me that way :) Having said that, you'll most likely live longer than I will because of it!