Sucker Punch's next gen project


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Oct 19, 2007
EDIT! READ THIS FIRST: The following contains references to events in both Infamous games that could ruin the experience for anyone who has yet to play them. If you do not want to be spoiled, please do not read ahead. Thank you.


Oh God, PLEASE let it be Infamous! One of my favorite games of this generation by far. I want to watch Cole's slow descent into madness as first his wife, then his friend, then his city are stolen from him. I want to watch his transformation into Kessler.

Keep in mind Kessler was stronger than Cole and allowed him to win only to set him on the path to be further prepared for The Beast. That's never explicitly stated, but come on: Kessler could fucking time-travel and transplant memories into your brain through poking your noggin. What does Cole have? Snowballs flying out of his hands and shooting ice out of his butt? Puh-lease.

Keep in mind that in both Good and Evil endings Cole is never more powerful than The Beast, but fights an earlier (weaker?) version of him due to Kessler's involvement in his timeline. Keep in mind that Infamous 3 could give us an extremely more powerful Cole AND Beast. And that we'll get warping powers and Fucking-With-Your-Noggin powers.

And remember the two powerful conduits from Infamous who mysteriously disappeared? The old dude you fought on top of the metal tower and the sex-slave/lover of Kessler? Why not assume that Kessler had something to do with their disappearance? That he "cleaned up" what Cole started? That we're not going to play a character portrayed as evil in the first game but, due to our moral system, will show him to have indeed been a character straddling at least fifty different shades of grey?

Oh my sweet mother of Jesus let it be Infamous.
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Nov 13, 2010
I want them to focus on some other underdog conduit because the ray sphere created many. Cole was just one of them (albeit at the centre of it all)

Also forced, you might wanna spoiler tag your post


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Mar 27, 2006
I'm assuming it's a new IP. Same with Naughty Dog and Media Molecule. I know inFamous only consists of two titles but people almost always go on about the third title in a series not being as good as its predecessor. And for me, personally, the games have always been about Cole MacGrath.


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Oct 19, 2007
Yeah, sorry. I guess I just figured anyone interested has played them by now. I put a warning at the top of it.

Anyway: What kind of story do you think they'd make if they went that route? Who would be the antagonist of the new conduit? The military? And what role would Cole play? I think maybe Sucker Punch left some of those holes of past games open so that Kessler could fill them.

Either way, I'm excited, Infamous or not. My girlfriend got me the Sly collection recently and between that and Infamous Sucker Punch is now one of my favorite developers. I'm eager for anything they make.

EDIT: It just dawned on me why this thread was moved. Next-Gen. As in PS4. Ha. My bad. In that case, I guess it's a new IP.
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Aug 20, 2012
Never going to happen but I wish they would revisit sly cooper. Big open world game with lots of optional side quests and the main plot being similar to oceans 11/12.

Probably a new IP though, doesn't infamous end in a way where its hard to make sequel regardless of which ending is cannon.

I'm more interested in what the Microsoft studios credit is. A few guys from Naught Dog and Irrational have joined Microsoft Studios in redmond. What's weird is the only studio in Redmond with the Microsoft studios namesake is core publishing which is a studio made to partner with third parties on stuff like gear or ryse. Its odd that they have been hiring for an actual development staff unless they are working on something themselves alongside the partner work.

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Nov 29, 2005
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I'd be fine with another inFamous, but I would prefer something new.

My main problem with inFamous 2 was its barren, lifeless areas in the second half of the game. That left a bad taste in my mouth with the franchise.


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Mar 4, 2008
[QUOTE="Naxi, post: 5986231]Infamous 2 ended nicely, not everything needs to be a trilogy.[/QUOTE]

I agree 100%.

I hope it's a new ip

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