Tales of Arise new trailers


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Aug 21, 2008
Done by the user u/kenchan03 on reddit

Q. How are DLC packs sold.
A. DLC packs are sold separately and in set. E.g. swimsuit version you can buy the set for male / female characters. There are also music sets of battle song of previous tales games available that you can buy.

Q. I am still not sure whether to buy PS5 or PS4 version. What are the differences.
A. If you buy Ps4 version you can have a free upgrade to the Ps5 download version with no additional cost. You can also transfer save data (scheduled release in winter). Differences between ps5 ps4 : load speed during encount, framerate stability, haptic feedback feature on ps5 controller. You can choose between 4k mode or stable framerate mode on ps5.

Q. Will there be a trial version.
A. Currently working on it and do want to have a trial version. (the same version that is given to medias before)

Q. How long is this game until clear.
A. Similar volume to Berseria. Ofcourse there will be the main quest + extra contents after clearing.

Q. The skits are now 3d but what would happen to the skit screens at tales of festival (a real live event)
A. For tales of festival and other tales game (smartphone games), they will show up in the format customized for that game/event.

Q. Is this full voice?
A. Main story is fully voiced. Basically similar to previous games. Sub-quests will use basic lines to fill conversation. Field/NPC will not be voiced.

Q. Recent tales game have used the term xxx-LMBS (linear motion battle system) to call their battle system. No names were used for the battle system in Arise. Is this intentional?
A. Arise battle is more new and innovative battle so they wanted to don't use old terms. We want people to look at actual footage and know how it is and decide whether to buy from there.

Q. Are there anyother healing spells other than firstaid? CP system sounds difficult to manage.
A. Yes. e.g. heartless circle, resurrection. The current system uses CP system which is a bar for healing spells. This will heal only by sleeping in towns, camping, or using items. We implemented this to balance out the game so that about spamming heals. Please try this in the trial version. Ofcourse there are healing items.

Q. Do weapon change appearance.
A. Not all but weapon appearance do change. Ofcourse there are joke weapons too. You can keep the look and change the actual weapon too (weapon skin).

Q. After battle are there only character chatting now? What happened to the grade system?
A. After battle there is the short chat system. This is to ensure good tempo. Although we did move away from the original after battle scene, the variation is much more. Grade system is replaced to score system. The more better battle score point you get skill point. Skill point can be used to open up more skills in the skill panel. The more good battle you do, the more faster the unlock your skill panels. We also have continuous battle system. The more good battles you do, the rate of rare drop will increase more and more. We want people to aim for getting continuous good battle scores. Regarding grade for new game plus, this will be connected with the artifact system. Unlocking more new game scores will not be tied to battle anymore but on how much you explore the game.

Q. Is there key config?
A. Yes

Q. Is there colosseum. Any cameos?
A. Yes there is. There is also cameo but please play the game for more.

Q. Can fishes be used for cooking?
A. There are many fishes. Some tastes good some taste bad, but you can use some fish as ingredient for cooking.

Q. About minigames
A. There are. Fishing, Hootle quests (can get accesories and good items), there are minigames related to battlescore and skill panel.

Q. Is the story complete without need to buy DLC.
A. Yes. the main story will be complete with only the actual game.

Q. Any connections to previous games, will this game have a sequel?
A. Arise will be completed in 1 game. The scenarios is original. However, there may have some extra collaborations with smartphone games.

Q. Is this game happy end? Bad end?
A. Not spoiling anything but the concept is to have a good feeling of the game after completion. (he questioned himself why he pick this question out of dozens of question)

Q. Any ingame animations?
A. Yes. Probably the most volume compared to other tales games. Animations are done by UFOtable.

Q. Can I play the game without knowledge of tales series.
A. Yes. The concept is that everyone can enjoy this series. We are making the trial version so if you are new, please try the trial version and see how it feels.

Q. Is battle looks flashy but is it difficult?
A. Battle system looks flashy but there are many modes depending on your need. There is easy mode if you want to focus in experiencing the story. Ultimately there is a fullauto mode. You can change difficulty mid game if you think you get used to the game.

Q. Alphen starts the game with a fullface mask. Can Alphen see what is in front of him?
A. If you look carefully there is a slit he can see through. Although it might be hard for him to eat. These things will be touched more in game during character interactions.

Q. How are the voice actors chosen (Japan)
A. There are all auditions.

Q. About music
A. Music is all by Mr. Sakuraba. We are aiming for a bit of difference taste compared to previous games with more focus on orchestral music. There are also several versions of same music (orchestral / rock).

Q. About character design.
A. Iwamoto is responsible for this game's art design as a director to keep a sense of unity in design. That does not mean we are ending any relationship with Inomata or Fujishima sensei. We will still work with them for future collaborations.

Q. Any screenshot mode?
A. Yes. We also will allow streaming the game. We will have some guidelines on streaming revealed later.
Q. Will time affect monster we meet?
A. Not going into details but there are some monsters you can meet only in specific time.

Q. Autosave?
A. Yes. There is auto save and manual save.

Q. Will there be Arabic version?
A. This game will have 2 voices (Eng/JP). Text will support 11 languages. We are sorry but Arabic is not supported. But we do not know in the game industry the overall needs for Arabic localization is growing.

Q. Camera settings?
A. Yes. You can change camera sensitivity. PC version will have more config/spec settings.

Q. PC version framerate?
A. PC version supports 144 FPS. Depending on your PC spec.

Q. How many boost strikes.
A. There are as many as the character combinations so you can calculate them. We will not show them all before release. If we were to release the trial version, there will only be 3 boost strike that is already shown available.

Q. About Subquests
A. Subquests will be extra quests as well as for you to know more about the character so it is quite important. The volume is quite a lot. You can clear them anytime of your choice.

Q. Fast travel?
A. Yes. You can fast travel to previously visited area.

Q. How many mystic artes?
A. "Multiple" for each character.

Q. No cutin for mystic artes?
A. No. Similar to skits we want to focus on showing everything on 3d.

Q. Will there be a sample for the DLC music pack?
A. We will release the video with the music pack so you can listen to the demo before buying.

Q. Which character do you like the most?
A. Rinwell. (Kisara's VA was actually in the youtube chat so he quickly changed to Kisara)

Q. Age of characters.
A. Official age is not revealed but Alphen Shion is early 20s. Rinwell and Law are teenagers, Kisara and Duehalim is older.


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Aug 21, 2008
To be honest there are parts that feel like a Tales game but it doesn't feel like a Tales game to me. I understand that Tales needed a change with the graphics but it feels like it made to cater too much to the western audience.

If they release a trial i'll see what I'll think if I decide to buy it or pick it up when the price goes down.

Not of a fan the 3D to be honest I miss the 2d aspects for the skits and the mystic arte cut ins.


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Aug 21, 2008
Bandai Namco will release a demo for Tales of Arise for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on August 18, the publisher announced.
It's good I can see if I like the gameplay for this new entry. I'm interested to see that it's Tales of Graces style combat with a normal attack button to as well as able to attack in the air which is something I wanted for ages in the series. No 2D which is disappointing.

I love it when a cut in comes up when you or a enemy uses a mystic arte. Good they improved on the graphics. I enjoyed Berseria tons.

Anyone in the forum played any Tales games? I've played Symphonia,Abyss,Radiant Mythology,Vesperia,Hearts R,Graces f,Xillia 1&2, Zestiria and Berseria.