Television Technology and the Differences


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Jun 27, 2011
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They do not die in 4 years, there lifespan is just as good as a LCD television (60,000 Hours, equivalent to about 20 years). The gas that is used in plasma TVs never has to be recharged, and it is not harmful. Now about them breaking easier next we'll compare both LCD and Plasma and you decide which is easier to put your foot through.

Comparison - LCD vs. Plasma vs. DLP/SXRD/RearProjo

This is always debated in a fierce argument where you have one person saying "OH WELL MY FRIEND TOLD ME THIS" or "MY FRIEND TOLD ME THAT". Well throw-out what your friend has told you because there probably morons who don't know anything about TVs.


LCD - Better for rooms that have A LOT of light flowing in them, due to there plastic matte screen (Unless its a samsung [the higher series]). LCDs are generally going to have a brighter picture then most TVs because its constant light source in the TV called the back light.

Plasmas - Better for darker rooms due to that glass screen and having to deal with reflections off of it. Plasmas are generally going to have a better color range than any TV out on the market, along with a better picture a plasma TV has a indefinite motion rate. Plasmas will produce the best black colors because there is no constant light source in the TV. A plasma picture is made up of gas that is electrified. The glass screen can also be an advantage due to it being able to take more of an impact hit if something is to strike it.

DLP/SXRD/RearProjos - Big screen size for the cheap price.


LCD - Motion on any LCD TV is garbage. It doesn't matter 60Hz, or 120Hz it will never compete with a plasma. Black colors on an LCD are also very atrocious due to the back light always on in the TV (Making blacks look like Blues, Reds more like pinks, etc. etc.). Finally, pixel burn out can happen on LCD tv which is pretty much un-repairable.

Plasmas - The screen is glass (or a hard plastic) which you will get reflections off the screen. Plasma TV heat up more than an LCD TV and will get hotter, here in will cost slight bit more on your electric bill. Plasma do have a problem like the LCDs called burn in, however un-like LCD it is NOT permanent.[/QUOTE]

THAAAANK YOU!! I'm glad someone finally understands these things! I've always been so annoyed bcuz people always trash or bag on Plasma bcuz it's "older technology."