The Inbetweeners Film Script Leaked


Jan 8, 2010
THERE will be a lot of free time to fill this summer with no World Cup or European Championships to get excited about in the pub.
But there is a solution - get your tickets booked now for every night The Inbetweeners movie will be shown in your local multiplex.

I've seen a leaked copy of the script and JAMES BUCKLEY, SIMON BIRD, BLAKE HARRISON and JOE THOMAS are going to be the big-screen heroes of 2011.

Highlights include bad tattoos, shambolic skinny-dipping, "suicide shots", awkward sex, terrible chat-up lines and drunken debauchery on a lads' holiday in Malia, Crete.

Fantasist Jay even manages to find love - with a girl he affectionately refers to as "a fat pig from outer space".

The writers, DAMON BEESLEY and IAIN MORRIS, have managed to avoid repeating Kevin & Perry Go Large.

They have carefully penned a script that had me in fits of laughter - and gives their four characters a genuine chance to shine.

In the film the boys meet a group of four girls - and the slapstick begins.

Jay has his trunks pulled down by a nine-year-old Greek nipper - who terrorises him for the whole trip - revealing embarrassingly small wedding tackle.

He delivers an epic dose of his usual fantasy - about a career after school selling stereos to Premier League footballers. RIO FERDINAND set it up for him, and he's already got a slot on next year's Dragons' Den, don't you know?

Neil is in spectacular form - weeing in the sea. He also manages to bend one in a dinner lady from his junior school, impresses the island with his dancing and gets a dodgy tattoo.

The boys get stuck into "suicide shots" - snorting salt, downing tequila and then dripping lime in the eye.


The hangovers have great comedy consequences - including briefcase w***** Will spending the entire holiday with sunburn on his back in the shape of a todger.

Simon nearly drowns after a boat trip and manages to bore another girl into bed with ramblings about his ex Carli - played by EMILY HEAD.

But the best scene in the film involves Will reserving sunbeds, an angry hardman and a child in a wheelchair.

The lads are the 2009 and 2010 Bizarre Best TV Show winners - and it looks like 2011 Best Film is already in the bag.


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