The Mafia / Mafia 2 One of the Best.Game.Ever Thread Discussion


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Oct 17, 2007
Mafia 1 was such a good game on pc, it came out a couple months after gta3 but it looks great, and the story is great. Cops can see you with your gun out, peds run. Running red lights when a cop sees you, crashing into a peds car near a cop get you a fine. If you kill the cop before he gets to a phone booth you disapear. Cops can also go to arrest or shoot you, the game has rideable trolleys, trains, low gass, so you can fill up at a gas station, you can get your gas tank shot and some missions are really hard because of it lol, a bank heist level, a assasination on a boat party, illegal alcohol sales that go wrong=P its the best game ever. But it for $5.
Did i mention the story is amazing
90% average reviews.

driving a hearse

paying off a fine for speeding

Getting my weapons, sawn off and a colt 1911

The awesome boat level where you can get drunk then assasinate someone , just getting on the boat (need a costume) is awesome

The brothel, need i say more

rideable trolley

china town

Now Mafia 2 Pics 0.o

yay the games live on after gta4