The PSP May Have New Competition


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Aug 2, 2004
:lol: I've seen pictures of this thing many times but I just thought it was a joke. If this thing really is real, I could very easily see Sony suing the manufacturer of this product because this is clearly a PSP rip off.



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Dec 13, 2004


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Sep 11, 2005
I dont think I have laughed so hard in a long time.

"Im now going to swich it off because its making my ears bleed!"

ROFLMAO! I was really laughing hard when he said that, especially with the "vauled" color screen!


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Feb 11, 2004
by Sarad Jackson

With the launch of the $399 40GB PlayStation 3 in North America, Sony is aimed to have one of the better holiday seasons ever and the possible turning point for the PS3 in terms of popularity and sales.

The new holiday campaign which recently kicked off, takes a different approach from the previous campaigns that focused on power rather than other aspects. The new wave of ads shows off the PS3 the way it was meant to be shown with mention of Blu-ray, PSN, and Home.

Peter Dille, Vice President and Marketing for SCEA had this to say in conjunction with the new campaign:

"... we wanted to move beyond the 'power' message with a more high-energy, entertainment driven focus for the PS3. The games are here, the price point is now $399 and we wanted to make the news loud and clear. But we need to deliver that in a way that befits the PlayStation brand," Dille said. "And so, beyond the brilliant HD games that the PS3 delivers, you'll also see a big focus behind the PS3's Blu-ray movie capability and, for the first time, you'll see a major focus behind the PlayStation Network (did I mention online gaming is free on PS3??) and the exclusive gaming content available on the PlayStation Store, as well as breakthrough services like Home."

Dille later pointed out that since the price drop of the 80GB PS3 to $499, the Motorstorm Bundled PS3 has shown great success in the market. He also mentioned that in addition to the two current television ads, more will come in the near future.

It does look like Sony is very confident and pleased with the current marketing of the PlayStation 3. Many would cite that Sony is a year behind, as this should have been their first concept back in November 2006 when the PS3 was released instead of the abstract “Crying Babyâ€