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Jul 7, 2006

It may be old to some, but new to others.

PS3Land has had the honour of conducting an exclusive Q&A with Play Ten, creators of The Wall.

The game, currently scheduled for the first quarter of 2008, takes a unique approach the the well-established first person shooter genre, with improved graphics, better AI and physics, and a brand new weapon system.

The immersive storyline with the non-linear gameplay allows players to determine events based on their actions.

In addition to the standard FPS environment, The Wall will also feature underwater levels and the ability to drive vehicles.

"Using a multitude of different weapons, which are individually customizable, the player discovers throughout the course of the
game his true purpose and his true identity."

The Play Ten team were kind enough to take part in an interview with PS3Land. Special thanks to Yaroslav for being so co-operative.

PS3Land: What is the story behind Burut, how did you guys get started and where are you at now in terms of staff and game developement?

Play Ten: “Burut CT” is one of the major Russian companies in the field of PC game development.

Today “Burut CT” company owns a few development studios, a sound production department and the department of animation, localization and programming studios. In the whole the company unites more than a 100 professionals – game designers, 3D modelers and designers, 2D designers, animators, programmers, script programmers, vizualizers, sound engineers, translators, artists, testers.

We maintain business collaboration with the best Russian and foreign publishers, like “Play Ten Interactive”, “Akella”, "CDV Software Entertainment", "Playlogic Entertainment". “Burut CT” offers in-house, thoroughly developed PC games where we try to cover interesting game genres, splendid graphics, fascinating storyline, appealing animations... Well, a picture is worth a thousand words!

My name is Alexander Borodetsky, I am the project lead and the main programmer of “The Wall”.

PS3Land: What was your inspiration for The Wall, what kind of games, movies, etc. inspired the game and its characters?

Play Ten: I believe the concept of "The Wall" world is a grotesque reflection of the modern world. We want to show all the avarice and ambition of transnational corporations, who pursue their business targets regardless of the consequences. In their quest for profit often the great treasures of the past, the cultural heritage of Humanity is sacrificed. Trying to improve the world, some greedy corporate giants are destroying it in fact, without paying any attention to this sad truth and firmly believing in the righteousness of their ways. They continue to push the deadly balance wheel, which is poised to crush them in the end.

Also we want to show the religious fanaticism with it’s terrible bigotry and superstition. Often the fundamentalist zealots are ready to devastate the existing world, just to create an ideal one they imagine in it’s place.

The main idea behind the game, and the main source of contradictions, will be the problem of miscommunication between people, and between entire societies. As you probably guessed it already, one of the strong background trends is that someone can cause lots of suffering and do all sorts of vile things, but still consider himself to be a great deliverer from evils and savior of people.

PS3Land: How long has the game been in development?

Play Ten: The game is now in the preproduction stage. We’re doing this for almost a year now. This happened because we approach the task in a very responsible manner.

A next-gen project must be next-gen in everything, starting from setting and high level concept. We’ve thought over each gameplay element, chose the time and the place of the game’s events very carefully. Some time was spent on the motives and aims of each side present in “The Wall”. Special attention was paid to the features.

PS3Land: What is the story of The Wall?

Play Ten: The game’s story unfolds after a global cataclysm, which forever changed the face of Earth. Due to the global warming, the ocean level has risen, and big parts of former continents are now underwater. In some places the seas retreated a little, leaving the ruins of former proud cities covered by algae and conches. Most of the people from the times before the flood died during the catastrophe and after it, and the ones who lived through built new societies, filled with new dangers and far more hostile and dangerous. The soil
was expensive enough before the cataclysm, but now it is worth gold.

All the life in this brave new world is concentrated on small islands, packed to the brim with the population. So the conflicts there are common, and weapons are the ultimate judge.

In this grim future a gun became a necessary thing for everyone, like watches or a cell phone for us.

PS3Land: What are some of the technical features of The Wall (Ex: physics, animation, resolution)

Play Ten: Surely you understand we cannot explain all the technical features. But we’re willing to share a few things with PS3Land.

64-bit rendering. The dynamic control of brightness and contrast of the image. (The detalization of texture elements remains permanent both in bright and dark spaces). The high accuracy of image post-processing effects. Practically unlimited strength of light sources.

A flexible system of material description based on .FX files. The material fully describes the interaction between the current surface and light sources. There is a set of standard materials which allows adding specific materials without making any changes in the engine code.

The physical model of building and rendering volume dynamic clouds on the basis of physical characteristics, taking into account the scattering of the light and its passing through clouds. Building of light rays and shadows on the surface. Interaction with space modifiers.

The system of the image post-processing. The dynamic control of the image brightness. Bloom. Physically accurate light dispersion in lenses. The refraction of the light in volumes with different temperature.

The visualization of volume effects of the interaction between the light and the space. The volume light, fog, dust and so on.

Combined model of the shadow building.

A multilayer animation model for various elements of the object. An advanced control system of blending different types of animations (usual, procedural, on the basis of physical model) and inverse kinematics in order to achieve the realistic behavior of the object or the character.

GP on GPU, like physical simulation of fabric and so on.

Usage of different methods for increasing the detalization and realism of the image (parallax occlusion mapping, horizon mapping and so on).

Mathematical model of lighting outdoor spaces on the basis of spherical harmonics and PRT. Calculation of model parameters is performed by means of assigning weather conditions and the time of the day.

PS3Land: Will The Wall be exclusively to PS3? What kind of thought goes into making this decision?

Play Ten: We expect to make a PC version as well, for promotion purposes and hard-core gamers.

PS3Land: Developing for the Sony Playstation 3 and its next gen hardware, how is it? Further more, are you happy with having much larger disc storage in Blu-Ray...allowing for more capacity for game content?

Play Ten: We expect the game to take one double-layered DVD of 8 Gbytes. But who knows, times change, and requirements too.

PS3Land: In your personal opinion, do you see a difference in PS3 vs Xbox 360? Hardware and Games (ex: graphically, processing, etc.)

Play Ten: This is a tricky question. From one side, the differences are obvious. Both platforms have certain strong and weak points. But I’d prefer not to comment on them, to avoid embarking on a next-gen crusade or a holy war between the platforms, or something. Let’s say we chose PS3 after a long research and many hot arguments.

PS3Land: Will The Wall utilize the new sensor system in the PS3 controller? And were you shocked by the new addition of the sensor system?

Play Ten: Honestly, we were confused by the sudden announcement of SONY during the E3, and were totally unprepared to implement this. We even thought about asking our friends in
the SCEE team to learn more about the issue. Right now I can only say that we’re rather keen on exploring such a nice opportunity. It offers incredible possibilities in human – machine interaction, which lies underneath the core of a perfect gameplay. To put it in a nutshell, this heralds a totally new era of gaming.

PS3Land: How far along are you in the development process?

Play Ten: We’re finishing the preproduction stage and already have a working engine in place. Now
we’re building the graphical assets and expect to resolve the question of next-gen physics
pretty soon.

PS3Land: Do you have any other projects in the works? Do you plan to continue creating for the PS3?

Play Ten: Yes, we’re working on many projects simultaneously. Our company consists of different studios, each of them has at least 1 game in the development.

PS3Land: What is one of your favorite features in The Wall?

Play Ten: I have two really loveable ones:
- Customizable weapons (this is not something you expect to see at all)
- Competition and cooperation with NPCs. This is something totally unfamiliar for modern 3D shooters, and will add a lot of new colors to the traditional gameplay.

PS3Land:: What is it like developing on the Cell processor?

Play Ten: It’s hard to explain, kind of driving a Ferrari after pedaling on a bike for a long time!

PS3Land: Will The Wall have any sort of online content or multiplayer (downloadable content, coop, etc)?

Play Ten: Definitely there will be a multiplayer part, this is very important for the next generation of consoles and games for them. We do not plan to add any downloadable content yet.

Thanks very much to Play Ten Studios for this Q&A. Stay tuned for some more exclusives in the near future!


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