This is kinda cool, Final Fantasy XIII Episode Zero -Promise-

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Aug 23, 2006
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I got this with my limited edition of the soundtrack but didn't listen to it cause I thought it may contain spoilers, finally remembered about it today when I was going through ripping my cds to my phone

Final Fantasy XIII Episode Zero -Promise-

Final Fantasy XIII Episode Zero -Promise- is a series of web novellas written by Jun Eishima, depicting the thirteen days leading up to the events of Final Fantasy XIII. New chapters involving Snow, Fang, and Vanille were released in a published Light Novel.

The first part of the series, titled "Encounter", is about how Serah became a l'Cie and her relationship with Snow Villiers and her sister, Lightning.

The second part of the series, titled "Stranger", is about Fang and Vanille after they awake from their crystallized state, trying to adjust to Cocoon life, and their arrival to Euride.

Part three, titled "Treasure (Family)", depicts the story of Sazh Katzroy and his son Dajh on being a l'Cie.

Part four is titled "Search", is about Fang and Vanille after they are separated in Euride, though it's told from Fang's point of view. It is about Fang worrying about Vanille, meeting Cid Raines and Rygdea, and joining them in order to find Vanille.

Part five, titled "Friends", is a small story about Hope and his mother Nora on vacation together in Bodhum. It is about Hope and Nora preparing for the upcoming famous fireworks display, their trip to Euride after Dajh becomes a l'Cie, and Hope's relationship with his friends and family before Nora's death.

Part six, titled "Present", is about Snow and Serah as they look for Lightning's birthday present, and Snow slipping away to buy engagement necklaces.

The seventh and final part of the series titled "Tomorrow (Future)", is about Vanille and Fang becoming l'Cie on Gran Pulse during the War of Transgression, what happens to Vanille after the events at Euride Gorge, and on the day of the Purge.
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