Trolling/Derailing Xbox One threads

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Super Carlton
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Dec 26, 2007
SW London
Right, i know, I KNOW this a PS site, but we have multi console owners here too, bear that in mind. We are now about to go into new generation with strong offerings from Sony AND Microsoft. Get on board or get off.

There is a ongoing trend of certain members purposely going into xbox one threads with the sole purpose to troll, flame etc. You go into them with nothing to add other than to kill the thread. (i know who you lot are FYI)

Now under the new rules, you think your now safe or you can go at this harder.........and i cant flat out ban you for that, but i will recommend section bans if this keeps on happening or simply recommend probation and the steps!

Please dont give me "oh im favouring this or that" cos im not, im doing my job and trying to keep the peace be it PS or XBOX.

Lets see if any of you adhere to this.

Not open for further replies.