UFC 1 Million Fans Boost FAST! Guide


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Jun 21, 2008
I did some research and found a method to get 100,000 fans per fight for EACH player. I have done it and it worked perfectly. Now since I found this info via google and it was on another forum I will post a breif description below of how its done for those who may be in need.

First, both users must have the lowest rated caf possible (1 in every catagory) then start a ranked match and walk into the center of the ring. Then for the entire first round both fighters (at jab distance) will throw light jabs non stop (no heavy punches no kicks) and then for the first minute of the second round repeat that step. Then after the minute is passed one fighter takes the other down and subs him...boom 100,000 fans EACH:)

Feel free to post here on your results. NOTE: My first attempt only brought my 75000 fans but after that it was 100,000 each fight