Valkryia Chronicles 2 impressions


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Apr 23, 2007
Felt like writing a little early review for Valkryia Chronicles 2. ^_^

---Story introduction/ set up---
Being set a few years after the events of the original game with Gallia free from the empire. A civil war has erupted. The rebel faction strives to end the Archduchess' rule over Gallia because of her Darcsen origin.

The story focuses on a 17 year old, Avan, who joins the militia to learn the truth of his brother. A hero within the militia who was supposedely killed in action on a secret mission.

Avan is assigned as class chair (commander) of class G, who have the reputation of being the worst class in the academy.

-----Game style--------

The art style is a little different from the original game, instead being closer to the style used in the anime. It still has the trademark water colour/ canvas effects happening so its not a massive change or anything.

However, one big change is that the characters are students so the characters are alot younger than Squad 7 from the original game. I can see alot of people not liking this change who really enjoyed the mature protagonists in the original.

BUT, you will still find a massive variety in the sequel, each with their own unique personalities.

------- Returing Characters------
You will come across members of Squad 7 from the first game, which are pretty cool. So far I've come across the following characters but they are all retired:

Welkin - helps out Alicia at the bakery and sells you orders < so awesome :p
Alicia - works at the bakery
Edy - Appears during her younger sister's, Anisette, side quest

-----Game progression-----

unlike the extremely linear styled of the original game, the sequel changes things slightly with progression. The book styled progression is ditched in favour of a overhead view of the entire academy giving quick access to training, research, stores and mission facilities.

On top of this, you'll also have various events pop up around the academy. These can be random events, story events and side quest events: yes, there are optional quests in the game besides the missions you can buy from the stores.

The game progresses in months. Starting off in january you'll have a choice of 3 main quests. Completing 2 will unlock the main quest for that month. Completing that key story quest ends that month. (you can still replay missions from previous months except for key missions). Follows a similar style to kindgom hearts: Days on DS but does it better :)

---Character side quests----

Your most used characters will eventually have their own cutscenes and a dedicated side quest pop up, as you use them continously on missions. Each Squad member features 4 dedicated events and 1 mission. An event in this case is a cutscene.

To unlock the side quest, you have to unlock the 4 cutscenes by using that character during missions.

Completing a character side quest adds Avan to their like/ compatible list which is an awesome feature. Every squad member has a "???" in the first slot on their like list which changes to Avan when you complete their specific mission.

So far, I've only done 2 but I absolutely love this feature :D

---Battle system----

The battle system is pretty much the same as the first game at its core. The map for each mission is broken down into areas. You travel between each area by capturing specific bases. For instance, Mission X requries you to capture enemy main base in area 3 and you start off in area 1. To reach the main base, you need to capture a specific base in area 1 to allow your characters to enter area 2 and then a specific base in area 2 to enter area 3.

At first it seems weird but its perfect for the psp. You'll usually have your squad seperated in different 'areas' too so it adds another strategic element.

The maximum amount of characters I've been able to use is 6 during missions, hopefully this is increased for later missions.

Some missions will feature unique enemies with their own name. These guys usually act like mini boss characters or are extremely well hidden. Killing these special enemies will unlock a new weapon for you to create in the research facility.

There are also another set of enemies that wear yellow enemies. Killing these guys rewards you with more materials at the end of a mission (materials is a new feature too, will talk about this later).

Forget to mention, but theres a morale system added now. If it drops, the mission is failed. It increases when you kill enemies or capture bases but drops when a squad member falls in battle.

----Class system----
First off is the new class and sub-class system. Classes level up like they did in the original, you spend EXP to increase each class.

Here's a run down of the classes:

Scout: Same as the original.
Shocktrooper: Same as the original
Lancer: Same as the original
Engineer: Main healers of the squad (both for hp and vehicle health). Cant remove mines or repair sandbags however.
Armoured Tech: Melee class that use large sheilds. They can repair sandbags and remove mines.
Vehicle: Either a Tank or APC. APC's are a new vehicle class allowing you to transport multiple units from point to point.

Each class has a total of 6 sub classes. These function as individual classes for each character. You may have noticed that the sniper class has been removed, this is now a sub class for a scout.

heres an example of sub classes:

Scout (branches out into 2 different sub classes)
-Sniper = reduced movement, uses sniper --> branches out into 2 different sub classes (not sure what these are yet)
-Scout Veteran = improved scout ----> branches out into 2 different sub classes (Scout elite and ????)

In order to upgrade a character's class, they need to earn credits from missions.
These are rewarded at the end of a mission to characters who contributed the most. Each mission has a set group of credits, so you need to try out different missions to get different credit badges.

Each sub class have their own set of weapons (except for the veteran and elite ranks). For example, you can upgrade a shocktrooper to a gunner sub class that uses a machine gun. The gunner's machine gun shoots horizontally within a really wide reticle which was a big surprise to me, so theres a bigger variety here than the first game. :eek:

---Weapon System----

Like the first game, you have a research facility where you can buy new weapons, armour and vehicle mods.

Everything still functions the same, except some weapons require materials now to make 1 (so you need alot to make enough of that specific weapon for your entire class). These weapons are usually special weapons with added status effects though so they're not neccessary.

You get materials by completing missions.

Another new feature is the ability to create temporary status effects for each class by combining any 2 materials together. The effect wears off after 1 mission though. You need to keep in mind that some combinations can inflict negative status effects too, so combine carefully. :p

----Improvements over the first game and other 'Good' points----
  • Massive amount of classes (thanks to the sub class system)
  • Every squad member has atleast 4 dedicated cutscenes and 1 dedicated side quest = way better chaarcter progression for the whole squad
  • anime cutscenes
  • has alot of the music from the first game :D
  • Bigger variety in weapons
  • More things to do in missions (thanks to special enemies)
  • Still has the intense moments like the first game (things on the same level as the moment Silveria entered a mission in valkyrur mode in the first game O_O)
  • Awesome to see characters from the first game making appearances in this one (some pop in quite frequently too :D)
  • Definately seems like theres more missions than the first game
  • Greater flexiblity with how you progress
  • Im only 10-11 hours in so far and I've only done like 4 story missions, lmao XD Alot of content :)
  • (EDIT) No permament death for squad members. they are hospitalised when they arent saved after death and cant be used for the next 3-4 missions.
----Negative points----
  • Story progression or cutscenes may not appeal to those who hate anime. The 3 main characters fit anime stereotypes unlike the main characters of the first game who were different from typical rpg's. This isnt a negative for me though as I like the characters :)
Buy, rent or ignore?

A must for any valkyria fan or rpg fan. :D It's a great sequel and really addictive.

If you have any questions, ask away. I'd say theres still a lot more features to be introduced as I'm still early in the game.
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Aug 2, 2008
Brilliant review and you've convinced me. Going to download it on PSN for my Go.

Thanks and +Rep for the effort.



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Oct 5, 2009
Awesome review bro!. Haven't picked it up yet since I've been short on cash but this will be the next game I'll buy!.


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Apr 23, 2007
Thanks for the feedback, feels great to have influenced a purchase :D

I'd like to add that you can have more than 6 characters :) Just remembered that even though the early missions are locked at 6 squad members in the field, when placing the units there are around 10-14 slots in total on these maps (just that they are locked out for that specific mission). :)

Oh another thing, if a character dies and you cant recover them in three turns they are hospitalised. Instead of premanently dieing they cannot be used again for 3-4 missions. Which is a bit of a relief considering the enemies you'll go up against.

Really want to talk about the last story mission I did, but I'll put it in tags for the spoiler:

<<<spoiler warning in spoiler tag>>>>
The new Valkyrur enemies are insane in strength. Having a character in their sight = Dead in 1 attack.
To be precise, they are artificial valkyria made by the rebel faction. They have a really cool robotic look. The main one is called Dirk, who will definately be one of the main bosses for the game. Really scary guy :p

I was in a mission where I had to escort a vehicle to safety with Dirk and his protoype valkyrurs ambushing me at every turn. Not looking forward to facing him any time soon, he fires about 10 rounds from his valkyria lance guarenteeing an instant kill.

This mission was also introduced and ended in anime cutscenes, adding to the epicness :D


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Apr 23, 2007
im just a little over 21 hours now and i'm in may (so about 5-6 story missions in) and the game can get pretty difficult. Still addictive though :D Im just amazed at the amount of content there is in the game O_O