VG247: Devs say PS4 has a 50% raw power advantage over 720.


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Dec 30, 2006
[QUOTE="mynd, post: 5988733]Proof would be a loose concept, it is all speculation.[/QUOTE]

but some speculation is actually based on more than an active imagination.

and the problem with this latest rumour is that it is being put forward as 'insider knowledge', not speculation.

all i'm saying is that this info was posted (diagrams and all) days ago by mistercream. he wasn't getting much attention and then (as far as i know) got banned. all of a sudden misterxmedia pops up with a limited number of posts and then gaming sites start getting hold of it.

maybe there is some truth to it, and he knew something all along and was dropping hints that everyone was ignoring, but the timing is odd and i very much doubt it. he seemed to be attention seeking.