Video Games and Moral Choices


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Aug 27, 2006
[ame=""]YouTube- Video Games and Moral Choices[/ame]

Really good talk from none other then Game Design Corner. In any case its highly relevant to games like Fallout, Mass Effect, Heavy Rain, etc.
Mar 7, 2009
that was a great video, he raises some interesting points and has some awesome ideas for how to improve the moral ambiguity in games.

the factions in EverQuest were very cool and I'd forgotten all about them until he mentioned them. would be nice to see more games use a faction system.


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Jul 2, 2008
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When I first read the title of this I honestly thought it was going to be about stupid people who made a real life decision based on what the saw in a game. 'Well the game said its OK if I run people over in my SUV!'

But really developers aren't inclined to make many games with much freedom because of money, which is the case most of the time. Or they are just lazy and go with a set path for the player to take that they know will work.

I do like Fable 2 though. I mean your choices do have an affect on how people perceive you, though it could be more in depth. It's still the standard good or evil path.
Mar 17, 2006
I like the idea but I play games to have good easy fun not think very-hard about the choices I'm going to make that's what life is for.

Now if this is implemented the right way it could work, but like he says it costs a lot of money, which this day and age no one is willing to spend.


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Mar 2, 2008
I love when a game presents the player with a moral choice, even more so when the choice has an impact on how the game will pan out. Games such as Indigo Prophecy, Heavy Rain and Grand Theft Auto IV all give the player a variety of choices to make through them and they all have an effect on the final outcome - you feel like the choice you make is truly important. They also do a good job at making you think about it before making your choice - one example in GTAIV is:

In '...The Holland Play' where Niko must choose between killing Playboy X or Dwayne. If you kill Playboy, you get his nice apartment but you end up losing Dwayne, too. Kill Dwayne and you pretty much get nothing, because the poor guy had nothing. You have your reasons for killing each of them, though, you just have to lie them all down and work it out.

I can't think of any for Heavy Rain as I'm yet to play it but, if it's anything like Indigo Prophecy, there will be a lot of influential and important choices to make, a lot of them having to be made within a few seconds of each other. It's this sense of urgency that sucked me into IP, and it's one of the man reasons why I love it.

Moral choices will always have a vital role to play in videogames, even more so now games are becoming more movie-like. Expect to see a lot more soon.