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PSU Editor-in-chief
Jun 1, 2012
Minneapolis, MN
Hello everyone! The work that's been posted in our Community Reviews section has been tremendous, and we want to continue encouraging our fine forum community in any way that we can.

To that end, PSU editors like myself will be keeping an eye on this sub-forum from time to time, spying the cream of the crop for an appearance on the PSU homepage. Your review doesn't necessarily have to be the best-written of the bunch; we're looking for dynamic opinions, interesting thoughts, and good gamer senses. We're more than happy to give our community members a voice on the homepage; if we like your work, we'll approach you to find out if you're interested in being featured.

That's an important distinction: if you're interested. We don't want to discourage the writing of those of you who are simply incredibly passionate about games, or just want a place where you can write for fun and share it with other community members. That's totally still the case, and everyone is encouraged to post reviews as before. I just wanted to make everyone aware that this section will henceforth be serving an additional purpose: an avenue for burgeoning writers to be featured and recognized for their efforts :)

As an added bonus, if you are picked to have your review posted on the homepage, you will also have the opportunity to be interviewed for a future episode of the Lasombra Files, our very own series on shining the spotlight at those in our community.
Not open for further replies.