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[QUOTE="webshark, post: 0]well, we have a different mindset as to what the average joe cares about.

to me, the average joe goes out and buys a plasma screen TV then plugs it into basic cable. the average joe doesnt know what progressive scan is. the average joe doesnt know how to reset his wireless router. the average joe doesnt know how to SET his wireless router. the average joe doesnt care if the ps3 could make you breakfast, the average joe cares that the wii is fun.

that is what i see in the average joe.

not everyone measures products by tech value, and the vast majority wouldnt even know how to imo.
You are completely right. I agree with you 100%.

But the thing is that day after day, there are LESS and LESS average joes out there. 3 years ago I couldn't talk to ANYONE about technology. Now-a-days I find people who know their stuff all the time.

The world is changing.[/quote]