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Jun 3, 2006
Post: PS3 Version of Fallout 3 likely wont get DLC :(
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Come on.
You were going way off topic into a rant.

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Yeah, I guess everybody did know this already. I was just asking because I hadn't seen any official word anywhere, and I couldn't find the original E3 quote.

This is the epitome of ********. **** Microsoft. They make crappy consoles, charge you what should be known as MS Tax on everything they make- i.e. 120GB HDD for £90. I can get a regular external HDD, 500GB for £120. Then there's peripheral **** so that you can charge your pad. That costs like £15-£20- not to mention rendering all these battery powered wireless pads unwireless in the process. Who is going to risk leaving their 360 pad on to charge a pad, to play wireless? The 360 would explode, just sitting there turned on.

It should be noted that my brother sent off his FIFTH broken 360 to Microsoft three days ago. Each time he has had to pay in exess of £60 to get it repaired. One time he got it free because the consoles broke within about 4 weeks of one another.

That tangent aside, I know this is business etc. but Microsoft are some oppressive ************s. They force this ****ty console upon you by eradicating the competition with money. Thus fortifying their position as dominant console to all its users and potential users. It's a corporate gang war. They get mad 'spect on tha' console market for little stunts like buying exclusive DLC for Fallout 3, getting rights for Resi, FF and GTA (the latter I know, was that way since the original Xbox).

This is like Nineteen Eighty-Four... in a totally un-exaggerated way.

If 360 players weren't so ***** whipped into a state of reluctant contentedness, they'd revolt with the amount of turmoil they go through with their 360s. MS have their fishing hooks inside the mouth of every online 360 player. **** that "better online network" mantra.

Overall point: this is a ****ing injustice. Unless Sony are just sitting around on their apathetic arses, failing to make any kind of bid for exclusive DLC. No DLC should be exclusive anyway, especially if the games are multi-platform. It should just exist, on both consoles. Wii doesn't count. However, the fact that the 360 is an unreliable exploitative piece of **** stands whatever the outcome.