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Jan 11, 2008
Post: Beyond Good & Evil HD Review @ GameInformer 9.25/10
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[QUOTE="TheCake, post: 5445289]This is coming form the person who said "Well Ubisoft can kiss my *** with their stupid DRM.". You are the one who needs to pipe down, I was just pointing out that what you said is not relevant to this thread BECAUSE there would be no DRM on a PSN and XBLA release. You didn't say there would be DRM on the release, but you DID introduce this off-topic post into this thread, and it is irrelevant to the thread. If you don't something like that commented on, don't post it.

And don't be one of those tools that calls people "son", it automatically labels you as an arrogant child and makes it impossible to take your posts seriously.
Please refrain from insulting posts.
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Many thanks[/quote]