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Dec 26, 2007
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Post: Digital Foundry analyzes Titanfall
User: Old Man Gamer
Infraction: No Insulting/Harassing Other Members, Rule 26.
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You need to chill pal

Message to User:
Ok......well challenge accepted, i will not have you insult/flame members for posting articles regardless if its positive or negative. Then you have to cheek to call out the staff? Wtf bro?! You couldve just reported your concern or dropped a MOD/ADMIN a PM, but no.

Original Post:
I knew as I saw who posted this that this was not a positive Xbox thread. Why does this community and these mods put up with this asshole's shit? I have no problem when people post stuff but when you see HIS name in the Xbox forum you know it's not good.

Infract me, ban me, whatever. I call a spade a spade and will continue to do so.

BTW mods, don't go editing/deleting my post. I'm right in this case and if you don't think so I can prove it. I'll challenge any mod to a perma ban contest . If I can prove my point I'm right and the mod challenging me accepts a perma ban. If I can't prove my point I'll take the perma ban.

Any challengers? I CAN prove it. I doubt any mod here have the cajones to accept my challenge.