Was anyone else given the wrong F1 2022 release date?

Jun 26, 2022
I pre-ordered F1 2022 Champions edition. When I did so, it was advertised that the release date for early access was the 27th of June, which was also confirmed in the email I received with the order confirmation. The ACTUAL release date is the 28th and now PSN is stating I can't access the game until then even though I was confirmed to have access on the 27th. I spoke to EA support and they said the date never changed on their end meaning this was a complete error and false advertising on PSN's end. Is anyone else experiencing this problem? When I spoke to PSN support they wouldn't answer any of my questions on why they gave the wrong date and more importantly, why I was never notified of their error. Instead, I got the run-around and Juan cut the chat off prematurely, refusing to answer why I was never told of the actual release date when they made a mistake and gave me the wrong one, especially when I mentioned that it was deceptive and utterly false advertising. I wanted to know if anyone else, and how many others, are experiencing this issue.