Watch Jill Valentine play Resident Evil live; talks creative process & Resi 3 HD


PSU Editor
Nov 11, 2007

Resident Evil fans and Twitch aficionados alike, take heed. Julia Voth, the actress and model whose likeness was used to create everyone's favorite beret-donning S.T.A.R.S. member Jill Valentine in the 2002 GameCube-exclusive remake of the original Resident Evil and most recently the HD Remaster of said remake, is set to play as her digital equivalent live on Twitch today at 3pm PST.

Playing as part of 'Girls Got Game', a brand-spanking new video game streaming show housed on the Twitch channel 'Sharp3D', the Project S.E.R.A star is primed to take up arms and tackle the terrors of the Spencer mansion some nineteen years after the original game's release. This isn't just some one-off either, Voth and a whole host of other famous figures (some of which we'll touch upon a little further below) are banding together to stream and discuss various video games both old and new several times a week.

Speaking with PlayStation Universe and about her Resident Evil experience in particular, Voth recounted the day-long process of adapting her likeness to that of Jill Valentine - a project she undertook at just 17 years old. With the mantra that Valentine's facial animation and action had to embody the realism depicted in this full-scale reimagining, Julia was whisked into science lab-like room and placed onto a full-body scanner which then set about capturing her likeness.

''I sat down and they scanned me. My ears, tongue, feet, hands, different facial expressions such as fear, shock, relief, sadness,'' she said.

''The funny part was holding those expressions as this machine went around me. After that they took pictures of me doing the same. I don't think I realized at the time how different and just super rad that was; looking back it was a crazy cool experience.''

Having your likeness immortalized in a video game is one thing, but when the game's subject matter is as decrepit and downright terrifying as Resident Evil's is, you'd be remiss to think that the game's poster actress would shy away from experiencing the horror first hand.

''It is weird to see me, walking around that mansion and being a badass, killing zombie dogs and massive spiders, but I love it. Killing myself is something I'm not too fond of, but thank goodness I've gotten better and I'm a good shot!,'' added Voth.

Ever the inquisitive minds here at PSU, we asked Julia that if, by chance, Capcom wanted to maintain a semblance of continuity and decided to do what most ardent Resident Evil fans wished, that is, a remake of both Resident Evil 2 and 3, would she be up for reprising the role of Jill Valentine in the latter? Thankfully, the query was met with a resounding, ''Yes, absolutely yes!'' - and since the events of Raccoon City take place a mere three months after the original, it makes complete sense from a progression standpoint so pins those ears back, Capcom.

Girls got Game's curator, occasional player and bearded maestro, Trey Sharp, isn't any stranger to the video games industry either, having cut his professional jib as a 3D environment artist on such heavy-hitters as Bethesda Game Studios' The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Sledgehammer Games' Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 before joining forces with his current studio, Gamblit Gaming. And while the Girls Got Game side project is still very much in its infancy, it's already showing signs of promise with it poised to eclipse 1,000 followers and on the cusp of Twitch partnership.

''We definitely think we're offering something unique, and we have lots of fun things planned like the Treycade [a custom MAME arcade cabinet with over 6,000 video games ready to play/stream] and other fun guest hosts who we think people will be excited about,'' said a clearly enthused Sharp.

Aside from a S.T.A.R.S. beret-wearing Voth at the helm, the stream also plays host to the likes of actress Hillary Bosarge, adult film actress April O'Neil and a promised roster of many others in the near future playing a plethora of games both current and retro for your viewing pleasure. And if watching the Master of Unlocking's real-life counterpart trawl through a dimly-lit, spider-infested mansion wasn't enough for you folk, Girls Got Game is also quick to champion the various charitable organizations that they hope will become synonymous with the channel's prospective success.

''If the stream really starts to take off like we hope it will, we then plan on donating a large portion of our proceeds to local charities here in Los Angeles whom we already support on our own,'' explained Trey.

''We've already been able to do this from our early streams and it feels great to be able to give back just by playing video games and entertaining gamers.''

Girls got Game currently streams roughly three times a week, and you can get the lowdown on start times and all that jazz from Trey and Julia's official Twitter pages found both here and here. As for the Resident Evil HD Remaster stream, don't forget to head on over to Sharp3D on Twitch at 3pm PST.

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It's actually a good stream, I recommend it! And please Capcom just remake the damn games - I'd barely trust you to boil an egg these days but I want them so bad.


PSU U.K. Executive Editor and Podcast Host
Jun 24, 2007
Reading, UK
Awesome stuff! I heard Julia is awesome. I can only dream how brilliant a RE3 remake would be; I'd gladly take that over a RE2 remake, as I think the city area could be greatly expanded on, as it was a main area in RE3 (whereas RE2 was confined to in-door locations for much of the time).

Let's hope Capcom is listening!


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Jul 25, 2008
Boston, MA
Nice, i'd take a Resident Evil 3 remake any day. It wasn't my favorite but it's still such a good game. Some of those Nemesis moments are the scariest in gaming history.