Went to the GT5 Launch party at the Playstation lounge in NYC, Crazy Story!! Pics too


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Nov 15, 2006
This is a long read pretty crazy if you ask me.
Short Version: They didn't get their copies of the game and I came a way with a ton of free stuff
Long Version:
Okay, So the wife and I went on vacation to NYC for a few days before heading off to see family for Thanksgiving. I realize that GT5 would be coming out while there so I figure how cool would it be to hit up the new
lounge for the GT5 launch? Surely they would have to be doing something cool and fun for it. (was hoping for a Kevin Butler appearance) So on Saturday I hit up the lounge to check it out and ask if they're doing anything for the launch and they tell me yes, they're doing a midnight party with all sorts of stuff. and that the first 50 people in line would get upgraded to the Collectors edition for free :cool:

Show up Tuesday around 6pm fully expecting to see people lined up and not a single person, So I ask and get told that they are NOT doing a midnight release and seemed surprised that I'd think they would be. They tell me to come back at 10am and they'd be doing their "event" Then. I'm a bit bummed because I have to be out of the hotel by noon, so I'm like well if I get there early maybe I can get in and out and should be able to get back to the hotel in time.

So show up at 9:30am and to my surprise I'm first in line One other kid was there waiting but not in line yet. After a while I tell him he was technically there first so he could go first, and we agree it doesn't matter we'll both get what we want. Finally they let us in and as we enter they tell us that they're sorry but they haven't received their copies of the game yet!! :cry: WTF I think :bang: How could this be? This is the Sony
Lounge in the Sony flagship store in the SONY Building!! If there was ONE place you'd think that have the game it's this place. So as consolation they give the first 3 of us 3 tickets to fill out for the raffle instead of just one. They were giving a way the
GT wheel, Shirts,
key chains
and the special edition GT watch (only 20 were made and the only way to get one was to have Sony give you one)

So I do that and they explain that the games are "on their way via private delivery truck and should be there any minute" They also explain that's why they had to cancel the midnight launch because they didn't have any games to launch with. So we wait, and we wait and we wait. finally after about 45 min the guy in charge comes up to me and says We're so sorry that we're going to give the first 5 people in line a GT wheel set, but that corporate didn't want to give us the ones they had set aside for the Raffle so they'd send us them later. :cool: Nice I think to my self. Then he tells me that the game probably won't be there until noon, and I tell him that I have to leave by 11:15 cause I need to check out. I over hear the guy in charge telling an employee they should go across the street and buy all "their" copies of the game and then replace them when their own copies came in.
Finally about 11:20 and the wife giving me "the look" (you married guys know this look ;) ) I find the guy in charge and tell him that I have to go. So he asks if I REALLY wanted the collectors edition, I tell him that I'd have liked to get it but I didn't need it. So he tells me they got a few copies of the regular version. So I take it. And they tell me to not open it and if the collectors edition showed up they'd call and if it was before I left the city to come back in and they'd exchange it out for me. Fair enough.

We leave and I got a
bag with a double sided GT5 poster, laser engraved metal
key chain
, some cell phone thing and a Sony Move T-shirt.

Get all checked out of the hotel and start driving a way and of course the
so I pull out my phone to use that and I'm getting a call from Sony, They tell me that I won one of the Watches and to come get it if I could. Great I think, but now my problem is all the roads are blocked off for the stinking Macy's thanksgiving day parade and I can't make any turns. :lol: Finally get back to the Sony building and paid $35 for an hours worth of parking.

Get in and get the watch and since a few other winners all showed up at the same time they wanted to take a picture of the winners (for the
Blog) but they never did, they did get one guy who won a wheel though.

it's now about 1pm and I ask about the Collectors edition, but still no in.:bang: I'm like well I just paid for an hour of parking I'm using it!
So after some playing of
3 and some other stuff the wife
to go, so she goes upstairs to get a Starbucks from in side the regular part of the Sony store and I tell her when she gets back we'll leave. Well just as she's coming back down the Collectors edition finally shows up. So I finally got it!!

All in all I spent $59.99 and came away with:
the Special edition watch (valued at $500)
GT wheel set (being shipped to me)
The collectors edition of GT5
and the Stuff from the goody bag (shirt,
,poster and cell phone thing)

Not bad if you ask me and I still can not believe that they didn't get their copies on time

now for Pics!!

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Mar 27, 2008
A Tissot ?!? Wow man that's an awesome watch you got, didn't expect Sony to personalize a 500+ Eur Tissot !!!
Dayum you're one lucky guy ! But you deserve it, you got the Wife Look, put her to wait a little more and made it out alive with your prize !


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Nov 29, 2007
That is one sexy watch. I have the same poster, except a smaller version and the other side of it is God Of War 3. It came with a Playstation Magazine issue a while back, looks really good in my room and I have the certificate under it cause I have the collector's edition as well, which brings me to my next story. You said, they kept having trouble with the copies arriving, so I guess Canada wasn't the only one who had similar problems. We had copies of the regular and collector's edition, except out of the 50 pre-orders for the collector's editions, they only had 30 so they called me and said to come in at EB games at 10:00 AM sharp to pickup the things and they said 'first come, first serve". I couldn't sleep the night before because I thought that many people would line up like crazy and I wouldn't get it. I would be very sad and then very angry like the HULK.

So, I go in there and some poor schmuck thinks he has the chance to buy the collector's edition, but he gets refused "no, we are not selling them, they are only people who pre-ordered" so he stuck with the regular edition. Now tell us that the pre-order bonus codes are not in, which wouldn't be the first time this has happened. So, they said to check back much later or the following day. I call in around 2 PM and they have it! Instant bursts of joy in my pants. I go there like a manly man going for his prized posession woman to which he will forcefully have sex with her and I pick up the codes. I got a stealth mclaren f1 and a joey logano nascar, which is the fastest one based on the collector's edition codes and the pre-order bonus. And that's my story, let's make a movie out of it!


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Mar 7, 2008
That watch is damn sweet... I don't even wear watches and I would _love_ to have that one.
Better hope you never see me coming down the street :lol:


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Nov 15, 2006
launch of Gran Turismo 5[/URL] set for November 24, we’ve teamed up with Swiss watchmaker Tissot, the official timekeeper of NASCAR, to bring you the Countdown to GT5 launch sweepstakes. Each day leading up to launch, we’ll be giving you a chance to win a Tissot PRS 516 watch customized for Gran Turismo. This watch, valued at $495, features a stainless steel case and rubber strap with folding clasp engraved with the GT logo. It’s a true fan collectible that won’t be sold in stores – you can only win it here.


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Nov 15, 2006
[QUOTE="jfkgoblue, post: 5294693]wow man, you are dedicated, I would never have had that kind of patience lol[/QUOTE]
lol, I don't really see it that way. I showed up 30 min early, then waited for about an hour (all while being able to play awesome games) then left, got a call and returned, and played some more games. It's not like I was standing out side in a blizzard or anything.