What NOT to do when talking to women


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Jan 4, 2006
niceguy2322: How are YOU feeling?
typicalgirl623: oh oaky.
typicalgirl623: uhh,, idk>
niceguy2322: XD
typicalgirl623: bored. tired. lonely.
typicalgirl623: haa.
niceguy2322: I know how that feels =/
typicalgirl623: which one?
niceguy2322: Lonely lol
typicalgirl623: why lol?
niceguy2322: Idk...
typicalgirl623: okay?
niceguy2322: haha.
niceguy2322: Just lonely I guess.
typicalgirl623: oh. i'm sorry.
typicalgirl623: maybe you could steal chrissy from bill ;]
niceguy2322: Na, I don't like her, and if I did, I don't like hurting my friends.
niceguy2322: I like somebody else - not her.
typicalgirl623: who??
typicalgirl623: maybe i can hook you two up.

niceguy2322: You. =)
niceguy2322: Sorry if that was a little alkward =/
niceguy2322: You can just tell me to shut up - lol
typicalgirl623: haha its okay.
niceguy2322: =)
niceguy2322: Seems like everybody likes you these days - lol
typicalgirl623: yeah they really do..
typicalgirl623: why in the world am i so loveable..
niceguy2322: There is a lot of reasons
niceguy2322: But I don't wana name em all because my fingers will hurt =/
typicalgirl623: huh?
niceguy2322: haha
typicalgirl623: why would your fingers hurt?
niceguy2322: Because there are alot of reasons.
niceguy2322: XD
typicalgirl623: but what does that have to do with your fingers..?
niceguy2322: Because I would be typeing so much
niceguy2322: =)
typicalgirl623: oh.
typicalgirl623: HAHA i get it now.
typicalgirl623: but wouldn't you be typing as much as usual?
typicalgirl623: i mean it wouldn't make a differnece
typicalgirl623: but if you choose not to okay
niceguy2322: huh?
niceguy2322: Now I am confused
niceguy2322: lol
typicalgirl623: i was just saying, saying all the reasons wouldn't be typing more than usual i would suspect. but if you don't wanna say them its okay
niceguy2322: Would you like me to name em?
typicalgirl623: sure.
niceguy2322: Ok
niceguy2322: Here goes!
niceguy2322: Cute - Funny - Nice - Shmexy you have a good sence of humor and you are very pretty =)
niceguy2322: I am sure that that wasn't the first time you heard that.
typicalgirl623: haha yeah...
niceguy2322: XD
typicalgirl623: wait
typicalgirl623: whats 'shmexy..?'
niceguy2322: Sexy.
niceguy2322: XD
niceguy2322: Sorry if I made you fell alkward....
niceguy2322: =/
typicalgirl623: oh its okay.
niceguy2322: feel*
niceguy2322: Wow.
niceguy2322: That was interesting.
niceguy2322: lol
typicalgirl623: uh huh.
niceguy2322: I understand that you don'y like me, but can we still be friends?
typicalgirl623: uh yeah. duh.
typicalgirl623: i don't just totally forget people.
niceguy2322: hahaha.
typicalgirl623: i'm not that mean..
typicalgirl623: aha
niceguy2322: XD
niceguy2322: Haha - bill did one thing wrong.
typicalgirl623: huh?
niceguy2322: He let go of you =/
niceguy2322: Not very smart.
typicalgirl623: ohhh.
typicalgirl623: well i mean we're friends now. and we've both moved on.
niceguy2322: yeah.
typicalgirl623: so it's all good now.
typicalgirl623: now that we don't hate each other.
typicalgirl623: haa.
niceguy2322: hahaha.
typicalgirl623: yeah that was a great time..
typicalgirl623: sike.
niceguy2322: lmao.
niceguy2322: Did thomas ask you out, too?
typicalgirl623: what?
niceguy2322: Miers.
typicalgirl623: no one asked me out..
niceguy2322: haha
niceguy2322: Will you go out with me?
niceguy2322: longshot =/

A part of me died while reading that. I cringed at some of the stuff. :(


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Mar 4, 2008
[QUOTE="Kopkiwi, post: 0]How can he say that girl is smart? She sounds like a dim wit.[/quote]

he sounds a few sheep short of a top paddock too :rolleyes:


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May 11, 2007
[QUOTE="Gilly3, post: 0]he sounds a few sheep short of a top paddock too :rolleyes:[/quote]

They would be perfect for each other than :mrgreen:


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Mar 4, 2008
[QUOTE="DarkVincent07, post: 0]Having THAT kind of conversation over the internet = dumb in the first place[/quote]

so you dont want to go out with me then Jim?



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Mar 23, 2008
Burlington, VT
That was messy. I've seen that once before. I was talking to a chick, who was having a conversation with somebody else. She kept copying and pasting it to me. I cringed a lot and felt bad for her.