What post-launch PS3 US availability should look like?


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May 14, 2006
I’m opening a new thread on this topic as many here have asked this question and posting this on the Official per-order thread it would just get buried.

Since I work in the International transportation industry I thought it would be good to share the following information that others may not have.

Depending on the mode of transportation used by Sony you could see several scenarios:

· Sony will be shipping the PS3 right in the “teeth” of the industries “peak season” so large “launch” numbers shipping via air are not likely due to industry capacity issues.
· Moving product via Ocean containers takes up to 10 days to arrive at a US West cost port once the vessel sails. Inland transportation to the East cost does take up to a month. Ocean Transportation would be the best way for Sony to distribute the PS3 to the far western states.
· Air Transportation would be the best way for Sony to ship the PS3 to the Midwest and the East coast. Add inland truck transportation to the air shipments and you are looking at a total transportation “time in transit” of one week.
· Depending on the retailer’s method of distribution (shipping to distribution centers) it could take up to another four to seven days for the product to reach the stores if the retailer decides to go this route.
· If the retailer elects to have their shipments go directly to their stores once the shipment clears US Customs this would cut the time in transit down to four days or less depending on the service level selected.

Please note that shipping via Air Freight is very expensive and only done to meet tight shipping schedules for merchandise that must be in stores to meet certain deadlines like planned advertising (in store dates).

Since Sony’s only “in store date” for NA is November 17th they don’t have to worry about this. From good sources Sony will probably ship using both Air and Ocean transportation. Look for steady smaller shipments throughout the Holiday season as this would serve everyone the best as theses types of shipments are easier to handle from a logistical perspective.

Sony has stated that they can produce 1M shipping units per month once production and assembly are ramped up 100%. As stated by Sony they plan to distribute 100K units to Japan so based on the targeted capacity of production that would leave a possible 600K available for N/A. Under this schedule all “launch” units would need to be ready to ship by November 1st to make “in store” launch dates. Please note that shipments to Canada will reduce the numbers above.