What's the best Cooling Device?


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Jan 17, 2008
I'm looking for a cooling device for my ps3. I'm also aware that the Ps3 is capable of cooling itself, but where I'm running it, is a warm/hot room.

I only want your opinions and objections on what's the best, most efficient, well built cooling fan/device out there.

Price is not an option.



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Mar 21, 2007
None of these 3rd party cooling devices anyway, they actually cause the ps3 to generate more heat than it would normally especially the ones that connect via usb. The ones with there own ac power cord can also cause it too rattle, so Ive been told. I`d just point a desktop fan at it tbh.


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Jan 17, 2008
I sorta figured the ones with USB connection would drain my power supply and shorten the life.

I was thinking about going with the Pelican Air Cooler, it has its own AC Adapter.


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Jul 8, 2007
Add-on cooling systems often obstruct the natural air-flow of the console's design. While it may be cooler in some spots it will generate more heat in others due to obstruction. This leaves you with two options.

Alter the environment:

This can be done by either moving the PS3 (I'm assuming not a viable option) or using fans/ac/open windows/adequate ventilation space.


Hardmod liquid cooling. This is difficult, expensive, time consuming, and voids your warranty. You'd want to loop up a guide on how to do this properly. What you'd essentially be doing is replacing the current cooling with liquid so the same parts would receive more cooling than before.

I'm going to flat out say it's not necessary. Even if the room is hot the PS3 will provide itself with adequate cooling. It's designed to do so. The system was not designed to operate in a constantly air conditioned environment. It's designed to operate at room/above room temperature. The important thing is not necessarily the temperature of the air going in, but the fact that air is constantly going in and out.

Keep the windows open or get the room a fan to promote airflow in the room.
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Jul 8, 2007
Question to anyone who's willing to search the PDF, or look through their user manual: Does it actually state a recommended room temperature?

If I recall correctly there was a test done a few years back showing the PS3 running for over 24 hours straight in heating conditions close to a sauna.

Edit: Wait here it is:


So how good is the console when put under extreme operating pressure and alternating environments? The Ps3 console suggests robustness, stability and durability, whilst the gooey tech inside combines the latest chip technology and peripheral advancements. The following results are noteworthy reading and were done under the following guidelines. Results were recorded accurately to provide an actual operating statistic.
The following conditions were applied to each testing environment
Continuous usuage of 108hours with no interruption to power supply.
Games of choice was Resistance Fall of Man, MotorStorm and Enchanted Arms.
Blu-ray movies; around 10 different titles, including Casino Royale, The Departed, Pirates of the Caribbean, Terminator 2, Superman Returns…
Console was positioned on standalone timber unit with approximate 10cms of airflow underneath.
Same 10 players were used over this period each playing or using the unit for a maximum of 1.5hours in any given session.
Same controllers were used throughout the testing period.
The following cycle was copied and used in each testing environment
Start time Monday 9am.
2 hours blu-ray dvd titles.
4 hours continuous play on Resistance FOM.
2 hours continuous play on MotorStorm.
2x blu-ray dvd movies.
1x blu-ray dvd movie.
1x blu-ray dvd movie.
2 hours continuous play on Motor Storm.
6 hours of MotorStorm.
6 hours of Resistance FoM.
10 hours of blu-ray Dvd 7 titles.
1 hour of MotorStorm.
3 hours of Resistance FoM.
5 hours of Enchanted Arms.
2 hours blu-ray dvd title.
2 hours blu-ray dvd title.
5 hours Resistance FoM.
5 hours MotorStorm.
1 hour enchanted Arms.
3 hours blu-ray dvd titles
Repeated from the top until 108hours.
Environment 1 Typical Family Room
Temperature 73 F
Console Ran continuous for the 108hours with only once incident happening at 12 hours in; a slight vibration coming from the tray area which lasted approximately 20 seconds. For the remaining time allocated no incidents were reported.
Environment 2 Back of a Freezer Van
Unit was placed inside the closed van with controllers and screen mounted outside – no one was willing to sit in side the van for any extended period of time.
Temperature Started at 50F and was progressively scaled down over the next 4 days to reach 0 degrees.
Incidents: We noticed a slight sluggishness in playback once the temperature reached 0 degrees , this was maintained for the last 24hours, with 12 hours to go we thought we were going to crash with a sudden , blackout to the screen, this was tracked down to condensation on the cord for the screen. 108hours in and still working fine.
Environment 3 Heat Sauna
Again, console inside and controllers and screen outside. Starting temperature was 100F and Gradually increased to 120F over the last 24hours.
Incidents: Strangely enough we thought this would prove to be the ultimate area to kill the console, but to our surprise the only incident we noticed was a slight burning smell that came in around 64 hours at 110F, the console was extremely hot when we finished the overall test but had come through with flying colours.

This console is now back in a normal environment and working fine. So you want to know how to kill a PS3?

Read more: http://www.ps3vault.com/how-to-kill-a-ps3-console-1975#ixzz0vXpvYY4V
I would say you don't even have to worry about a warm environment. The only concern I would have it the fans would be kicking up. Make sure you dust frequently.


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Jul 30, 2008
Agreed with Tyrien. The console is designed to last long even under quite hot temperatures.

All you could do with dust often, place it in a well ventilated area, if the intake air is cooler then the components inside will be cooler than warmer air intake.

I put mine about 50% horizontal and 50% vertical since i had to move from lounge to my room. My PS3 is the 40gig bought about 2 years ago, havent failed on me yet. [touch wood]